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im very new to gardening , i have 2 hanging baskets with winter panseies and 2 cyclaman , what do i do now ? do i water every evening lor eave them ? i really have no idea , can i keep them for next winter or do they just die and i have to rebuy ?

Welcome miss kitty kat....

Well winter pansies and cyclamen still need attention.  Not as much water now.  I would add food sticks though.    They will keep going on amd off during warm spells in winter n spring.  I would restock next spring for fresh summer display

hi verdun 

thank you for ur advise ,i will look for these food sticks and see how i go before i get carried away and fill my garden as im very tempted to do so as im now addicted to gc lol x

Best to buy a little,during each season too .this way you will bson easing towards year round colour.  

Food can also get food pellets.

hi miss kitty kat, if your baskets are on your front door wall as mine are, they do not get the rain, so i have to remember that as they dry out easily (summer time)

gardening is a wonderful learning curve and costly most of the time.

happy weeding as it never ends

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