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3 cats, Lady Mischief...who wouldn't think of getting her paws dirty using nasty earth for a toilet, tiny bruiser Zola who can just about manage to catch a fly & Sasha...the only pedigree (still a rescue cat) who has the 'Tim nice but dim' aura about him! They've been trained to use either their trays or a small patch of garden, regularly turned & cleaned for them. The only plant that is in danger from all of them is my catmint, protected by putting an upside down wire hanging basket over it, to grow through. The Feline Trio keep it pruned for me! Lady Mischief does bring me in really dangerous leaves that would have done me a lot of damage if she hadn't caught & killed leaf at a time...she was busted the other day when I caught her taking the said leaf off a bush.

Thanks Salino they make great pets and are very lazy they love just lying about most of them. Frankiewhippet what's your husband's name and where do you race the dogs it's the injuries that are the worst part of racing but we only went to vet if very serious injury we had ultra sound and lazer machines for treating injuries plus swimming pool and walking machine to get them back to fitness had a great set up also 270 yard gallop slightly uphill grass other trainers came to use it also. We had 30 pups 30 race dogs 4 brood bitches i payed my brother and 3 part time staff to look after them i worked full time with the council but when finished work or time off i was always there keeping everything as i wanted loved it great dogs to work with. 

2 furry ladies - Mimi (well behaved in the garden, even helps to keep the rodents at bay) and Leo (esp. keen on my echinacea seedlings ... probably has a rabbit or two in her line of ancestors) ... but alltogether very lovely feline companions


Hello Andy 19 - My hubby is called Darryl Fradgley - we only have a tiny set up. In fact he knocked kennels out and made them so he couldn't be tempted to take more than 2 racers!!! The most we've had is 9 racing. We usually race at Sheffield, Nottingham, Coventry or wherever we can get accepted. The set up you had sounds fantastic. We've had racing dogs for about 40 years, first on the flaps and now licenced, but hubby got made redundant from his job at beginning of year so don't know how long we can carry on, cos, lets face it, it's not a cheap sport to be involved in - Where did u race, Andy ?


Has any one got pet graves in their garden?

I have 2 dogs and a cat under my lawn !

Frankiewhippet we raced at Shawfield in Glasgow with graded dogs but where all over England with open race dogs for years very few tracks i've not been in that includes Ireland also good luck to you and your husband with the dogs for the future be lucky.

We have 2 dogs, an old yellow Lab (he was a rescue) and a young black Lab x Gordon Setter, 10 cats of various ages and colours as well as 5 hens and a cockeral who are supposed to be in their run, but one lady flies out every day and parades around the place helping herself to any tender morsal she fancies. I keep threatening her with either wing clipping or  the cookpot when she eats my lettuces, but its a toss up as to whether she has them or the slugs/snails and since she eats all those she's reprieved for now! 

We also have three donkeys and one autumn morning I opened the shutters to see them all in my veg garden - they had escaped in the night. After putting them back in their field I found that all my leeks had been chomped off to about 3 ins high and several beetroot missing!

I have two dogs, a car and a kitten ( that was a very sad day) buried in the garden.  No markers but plants there.   

It all adds to the sentiment of the garden which, increasingly, I feel is important.

We found the skeletons of about 6 dogs, maybe 4 cats, when we were digging our garden to level it. The house is over 150 yrs old, so, it's understandable.


Gardening Grandma

I feel quite embarrassed as I read about all these virtuous pooches who respect the garden and stay off the borders. We have two bichons called Henry and Maisie and they are not like that at all. They do tend the follow the paths, but when they start to have a wrestling match they romp all over everything and plants just have to be tough enough to take it!   Gerald Durrell used to have two puppies called Widdle and Puke; mine should be called Widdle and Poo, both of which they do on the borders and preferable over a plant.



We had Henry as a puppy, bought from a farmer in West Wales. I now realise it was a puppy farm - I was too naive to understand this at the time. Maisie is rehomed, though she was treated well by her previous owners. She is sweet, feminine and loving. Henry is a neurotic idiot, utterly greedy and rather fat. He snarls at us and shows his teeth if we displease him, then lumbers onto OH's lap and wants to have his tummy tickled. He never bites but snarling isn't an attractive habit. He barks at visitors and at birds and at cats and at shadows and at his own reflection in the glass doors. Not sure why he lovable, but he is. He and Maisie are inseparable, even though he snarls at her, too. He is a dedicated gardener. I plant things, Henry digs them up! A fair division of labour, I suppose...


...a lovely tale... and whatever their faults, they look charming...

This is my Moo. Not his original name, which is Midge, but evolved over time and fits him much better. I call him my Nigel, as he loves being outside with me (even in the rain) and comes calling for me to go for a constitutional around the garden several times a day. I’m not sure how much it’s related to the mouse farm under the decking........


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