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Has anyone taken cuttings  from Broom . ? I planted several broom shrubs  3 years ago .I have since narrowed my borders . My problem is that they are now too near the front. also too big, I would like to move them to the back . 

But do they move ok ? ,  or is cuttings an idea ? 

I know that I could just trim back but  the last time I killed it because I didnt realise that you couldnt  cut into the old wood - so on this point - if I stick to cutting the green growth back I should be ok -maybe !


Sadly they whate being moved. They would die. Cuttings are so easy, that the professionals take a bundle of material, roll them up in tape and put them all in to root together.

Lucky, brooms are quite short lived plants.....usually for me after 4 years or so they are leggy and no longer so attactive.  Cuttings are successful if taken in the late spring.

No, they will not survive being moved.  From the start I prune brooms hard back, not beyond green growth though, and maintain this hard pruning every year in an effort to keep them bushy for as long as possible. 

There are varieties that are more compact ....Lena, for example......but they all tend towards leggyness

Thanks  Berghill I will leave them where they are and take cuttings in the late spring.   

Thanks Verdun , I will check out Lena and the other compact ones.  I will also try cutting back . 

When  do you hard prune please ?

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