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The only good thing about snow is that my allotment looks the same as everyone elses. We all get on quite well.......apart from the lady that is hardly ever there and lets all the weeds take over, we do have a moan about her. The local council wants to give up overseeing all the sites so we are looking at self management. Should be interesting

Well I hope it is a balanced view programme and not just more, 'so called, 'reality tv' about petty behaviour, insecurities and conflicts. The title gives me pause. The real allotmenteers are all about plantsmanship, friendship and enjoying their plot. I trust they get portrayed too.

Gardeners don't need all that 'Die Chard' drama but the audience has to include all those that need to feel better about their sorry lot by watching others enduring even sorrier lots I suppose. Allotments are a waiting game not a ratings game so Producers may indeed ramp up the strifes.

We had a 92 year old plotter on Gardner's World not long ago, he's an amazing guy, but we have problems with people who think they can neglect their plots. As association secretary I have to send the warnings out, and it's often a case of 'shoot the messanger'.

Oakley Witch
Wow. I had no idea people were so protective of thier veg! I thought gardeners all helped each other and were nice to each other. I get a bit stropy at being critisised but thats just me being over sensative but to sleep with your leeks and be found dead attached to a marrow...WOW.

Sami G, It did occur to me that sotongeoff might be winding us up about 'frozen to the marrow', but then again possibly not


Oakley Witch
Lol. Ok, it was late and I was tired out lol ;p

I suppose others do get jealous of what you grow, and if entering a competition want their's to win.


Just remembered-this is on tonight


As a relative novice, was eye-opening to say the least. The young chap in Manchester who was 'evicted' was a complete joke, what is the bets that a 'commitee' member's family member was going to take over the plot? I've never really understood 'competitive' gardening, seems far too much like The Arts, as in something is deemed wonderful by 'some' critic. What is the bets that all these show-winning veg taste utterly awful? I grow things to feed my family and my friends, also to enjoy the scents and sights of flowers.. quite how people can be so spiteful over gardening is beyond me. The people having their stuff stolen/wrecked/burnt, buy a camera and record who is doing it. The cameras these days can record 12 hrs easy and are very cheap, very small, and then you catch the people responsible. I'm sure the allotments shown are a minority, but I'm sticking my name down now, because I'm sure the waiting list has just shortened considerably!!!

Sue H
What a shame that some people are like that . Why cant they get along? They all had so much in common too.
Oakley Witch
Here here learning slowly! I cant believe some people can be so nasty. I would have a camera up for sure too. No need for that nonsence. And not talking to someone because they spoke thier mind? For goodness sake...old enough to know better I would say. That young lad just wants to grow food for his family.
I wouldn't let the programme put you off, if you don't want to enter competitions you don't have to, which gets rid of the competitive nature of some of the plot holders. We've never had any problems with arson, theft or tipping on our site, I'd like to think most sites are safe friendly places too. It was unfortunate the young chap was evicted but the ground didn't look at all worked and sites are generally very very generous with how long they give new plot holder to get started. Whilst it being a nice idea and probably with the best intentions, it's not very sensible to have a plot which is left for long periods and then only used to grow pumpkins.

There were a few odd things about this programme-as if they struggled to find any allotment wars-following the young man around as if he was a victim when he hadn't paid the rent and hadn't really made much effort to get the plot tidy claiming it made him tired

Then it spent ages showing efforts to find an intruder-and ages showing two old men not talking-the rest of it was about prize veg going missing-which is the real problem but hardly touched

It didn''t seem to show what true allotmenteering is all about-but then that wasn't the title of the programme

Just watched it on iPlayer, and I tend to agree with sonongeoff, the petty jealousies between prize vegetable growers is old (60 years) hat.

I'd like to have learned more about the guy who didn't pay his rent, looking at his pumpkin plot's twitch, I'm not surprised they were after him!


Oh dear! I recorded it and had hoped it would be more illuminating about the real atmosphere of allotments. Whenever I drive past allotments, I get a lump in my throat; they speak of so much hard work and aspiration. For a lot of families for many generations, it has made the difference between subsistance living and surviving with dignity and health. Why oh why do the wretched TV companies feel that they have to show humans at their worst?

I may not watch it, it sounds too depressing.


Oakley Witch

Its worth a watch Artjak...They just seemed to focus on the negative. And the ladies who had the hut broken into??? She didn't seem that bothered if it were her 'Haven'...she would be a little more defensive. Or at least I would. I don't like people being in my garden that aren't invited never mind my greenhouse or shed. Its worth a look. I can see your point regarding the young lad and his patch, but saying that, there is a level of snobbery amongst them.

Just watched this, I enjoyed it interesting things that go on at allotments - people stealing carrots - they must have wanted to win the show. Shame that some people are mean I don't think I could stay on that plot where the bloke got evicted - not nice  -  you would feel like you need to go somewhere else as it would not be enjoyable gardening.

I guess it is a one-off, would be interesting to see more programmes a bit on that I think.

I garden at home and I would not want people breaking stuff in my garden, it  would be horrible, not nice.

Do people have problems like that at their allotment?

Haven't done well on plot re potatoes for several seasons... Anyone recommend the best overall for choice?



arbutus1 wrote (see)

Haven't done well on plot re potatoes for several seasons... Anyone recommend the best overall for choice?



Could I suggest you start a new discussion to ask this-I fear it could get lost on this one discussing an unrelated TV programme

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