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18/08/2013 at 12:06

When we first moved her to france this old place hadn't had any human's living in it for 25 years and so it needed a lot of airing out and work done on it to make it into a home,

The garden (2 acre's) all wild and over grown looked a lot smaller when it was wild,

But nature wouldnt let go of what she'd taken back and for a time we had to live with all kinds of animals until they got the message "humans" are back,

Now whats our lounge had the clay birds nest stuck to the top of the wall just under the ceiling, and because it was a boiling summer and i had so much to sort out i'd not put all the glass in the window frames and the swallow's had decided to keep using these clay nest they'd made years ago,

Well when the evening arrived and all was at peace i'd just fall onto the sofa and watch the tv,

When i put the tv on and the pictures refected light around the room i'd get these 4 little heads popping over the clay nest watching the tele with me,

They'd do this every time i put the tv on with out fail,

I felt awful when the day came and they'd all left knowing i'd have the glass in by the time their next years visit came about

"But the sight of these 4 little heads is one i'll take to my grave it really was a lovely sight to see and so unexpected.

18/08/2013 at 12:15

sounds a lovely place to be,you are very lucky and sound very happy.I find great joy in watching wild life and I know some things are not very nice to witness but it is the way nature is.

18/08/2013 at 12:24

Hi Flowering rose,

Im just off out to a brocante (simular to a car boot sale, the french call them brocante's)

And i know before i even get there the place will have lots of people all walking in very narrow  area's between stalls and a lot of people will have dogs with them,

But these dogs will on a day like today (Hot Hot and getting even Hotter ) not have any water to drink, the owners will be at the drinks bars all drinking but no thought is shown to the dogs needs,

It really gets up my nose "but what can you do" we dont seem to have any law that says you must give your dogs water.

Pity but there you go.

18/08/2013 at 14:02
Hi Smoking,iv noticed the car booters here in Wales put water pots under their trestles or whatever,this brings the numerous dogs over for a drink along with their owners and their money ,,not daft these Welsh ,you might point this out to these brocanters it works ,they also seem to put some toys for sale on the grass even if there selling something entirely different "brings the kiddies over with their parents see" Alan Sugar could learn a thing or two here here in Tenby believe me,
18/08/2013 at 16:19

I agree with Alan4711, it's worth a try, if you explain nicely. Maybe take a dog along with you once and tell them how thirsty it is!

I hope your swallows didn't fly into the new window glass looking for their nest. Have they nested under the eaves?

18/08/2013 at 17:08

Swiss sue,

No they've moved into my workshop, but no tv just CD. music.

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6 messages