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The potting shed

Container gardening

I grow a lot of things in pots and containers as only have a small garden. I even grow salad crops in some guttering attached to my shed. Anyone have any more ideas for small gardens?

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I grow lettuce and salad crops in these gutters as I only have a small garden. Anyone else growing things in pots and containers or anything unusual?..if so I would love to get a few more ideas..



I've got a lovely Senetti in a galvanised bucket with holes knocked into the base for drainage. Courgettes are grown in big plastic troughs on a low wall so they can hang down. All the herbs are in terracotta pots, a lot of small roses in containers. Potatoes in potato bags, carrots and Hamburg Parsley (a root veg) in huge plastic pots. The tomatoes go into very big Marshalls grow bags. I'm dying to do a sedum roof, but need to make something with a small roof first

I love your guttering idea; it's really neat.

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