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Asparagus= smelly wee...................... that is all I know        


Hi Dean, not grown it myself but others on my site have a good crop. I think it takes a couple of years to get established. The ferny bits look very attactive (what you get if you don't harvest the shoots)

Ok, have discovered that my great great grandparents lived in Queens Park/Kensal Rise area of London, they were next door neighbours then got married on 1st November when he was 20 and she was 18. Their first child was born on 12th May the following year (my great grandfather). They were married for 16 years, had two children then got divorced - and apparently she divorced him!

Jean Genie

Evening Dean   Asparagus are meant to be an aphrodisiac


Fields of it around here   very labour intensive to cut it

Had some years ago, 1st OH planted it. he left - dug up asparagus 



Now Lottie you need the divorce papers for the scandal  Or a newspaper report


Scone mix is cooked - will have to wait and see

Deanos Diggin It

B'j! I'm planning a 9' x 4' bed! will I need a combine?

Jean! an aphrodisykipper!

Right! as anybody grown Rhubarb?


It is cut by hand Dean, huge fields of people walking along rows, bent double for next to nothing pay. Near where my daughter lives is a pub where they have the asparagus sale every year. Supposed to be quite an event. Will you have a party when you harvest it Dean


Yes got rhubarb on the plot. Easy to grow - buy a crown, (or get someone to donate you one if they split theirs) bung it in with plenty of manure and leave it to settle for a year or so - bung another big dollop of manure on it in winter. Then harvest the stalks until mid-summer. Don't take too many stalks too soon though as it needs to feed itself and get established.

Deanos Diggin It

Yeah! I've seen it B'j! If I remember rightly it was a feature on one of Monty's french garden jobbies a few weeks back! (must remember to catch up on them, not watched for the last few weeks, plus A to Z) 

Oh, n all the excitement of getting ready for the forthcoming growing season! I forgot to mention! The foul mouthed,obnoctious, horrible load neighbour moved out last weekend! 

Piece reign's!


You beat me to it Lottie!

Hate asparagus, but love rhubarb. Must dig up that crown for daughter to have- added to to do list. It wont survive if left in the fruit bed, as way too dry & impoverished conditions there now.

Still to sow a single seed, but plan to get something done this week before am 'stabbed' again on Friday.

Have to go up to daughter's house tomorrow to take delivery of her stored furniture. Thermals at the ready- her boiler, sorry Geoff, was working, but then lost pressure & when she tried to sort it out a la video instructions on u-tube/from OH one of the knobs fell off!! OH got blamed coz he'd turned it previously & being quite strong it was far too snug according to daughter.... So her house is freezing at the mo- great! Boiler being sorted for her next week & no, am not having anything to do with it...J.


Hi forkers--Jean, we used to eat goat regularly, as there were feral ones on the mountain where I used to live. The young ones tasted much like lamb. I ate kangaroo in Oz--delish- mind you, it was in a pie. Used to eat venison often, too.

I have grown asparagus--it's labour-intensive to plant, but will produce for over 20 years when established. You have to dig deep trenches, and fill them in with manure while the crowns spread. Nothing like picking it fresh!


Deano, I had a lovely asparagus bed, plenty for the freezer, but when it was about 15 years old it got bindweed which was impossible to dig out with the asparagus there, so I used a selective weedkiller that said it didn't affect asparagus. The asparagus started dying , but the bindweed didn't so when it was 18 years old I dug the whole thing up.

Had rhubarb too, easy until last year when it got a huge ants nest in it and it died.

Internet disappeared today so only just catching up.

Cooking OH his favourite loin of cod and asparagus tonight for his birthday then raspberry mousse (garden raspberries from freezer). He likes what he calls "fluffy puddings".


I had burger and chips

And butterscotch angel delight

I am 5


Deanos Diggin It

Jock box done for tomoz! Last night's remaining chicken now bread bunned!

Thinking the Rhubarb thing went wayward!  Saying nothing!

Thanks for all's input! It's just my gardening buddy is a real Foody! n they are so bloody expensive to buy! Two little clump's of spears, knocking on a tenner!

n they say, GYO what is expensive!

Pennine Petal
Evening all, made asparagus and leek soup over the weekend, I know that smell Geoff!

Haven't caught up with the day's chat yet. Just come in and need to eat.

Not that much down here Dean

Had that feta and spinach scone - was more like a bread but I found it tasty, can/t sat same for soup but the i am not a soup lover, trying to get used to it

Deanos Diggin It

Stayed up too late researching!  the deal is done!

Marshall's have a special offer!  

My day here is done! Night All!


Am still not unpacked.

Meal done & dusted. Washing tumbled/on airer.

Off to watch A-Z of gardening now. Night all. J.