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Heard that before. And yes weeds grow in Britain as well. 

Bunny ...
Enjoy your days/weekends

good night all, see you all in the Morning


Sue H
Goodnight everyone. Back at saltmines at 730. Could do without it. However weather not brilliant so don't feel too dejected

Night all - back tomorrow


Gary Hobson

Morning forkers,

Cold weather still on the cards for Sunday/Monday, so I intend to bring some seedlings and a few plants into the house, today.

Crocus have just sent me another nice little sentry box, ingeniously packed. I might take a snap. I ordered on Wednesday and it arrived yesterday afternoon.

I also received an Email from Tesco Direct. It seems that you can buy Crocus stuff through them. I can't see that that can be more efficient, or cheaper, than ordering directly from Crocus.

I haven't watched GW yet. It's on my recorder. I was watching an interesting film instead. That probably says something about my expectations of the program.

Bunny ...
Morning Gary

Sleet/hail/rain here
Another sentry box ...exciting stuff , hope you kept the old one, you could have them each side of your front door

Hmmm tesco and dobbies GC are joined so maybe that's something to do with the crocus stuff ?

I haven't watched GW either yet, noticed as I record cottage garden and a-z on Sunday they have slotted in GW repeat inbetween them ...only noticed as planner has GW set to record now not a-z .... so I've changed that.

Customer collecting van , other than that hoping for quiet day
Deanos Diggin It
Morning Gary! and all else yet to arrive!

Well 4 hours into my working Saturday and am glad to report all have turned in, so looks like the rest of my working day shall be a leisurely one! : )

Oh! n spring is defoe on it's way as we had our first batch of plants come through last night! so shall go have an hour rooting through n see if there is anything of any interest! : )
Bunny ...
Just peaking from my burrow

Mmmm plannnnnnnnnnnnnntttttttttts
Jean Genie

Morning Folks - Another grey miserable day here,  but cheer up everyone, it's only 12 days to the official start of Spring.

Got a busy day planned. Daughter's birthday today, Grandson's birthday tomorrow on Mother's Day . We are all having a get-together so I'm looking forward to it,

Bjay - if you are around - didn't manage to get to H.B. yesterday so will go today and report back on the seed disk situation.

Have a good day all.

Bunny ...
Morning Jean..... Even better ..... 11days

Morning all. Been having a bit of a lie-in. Seems as if others are as well. No weather here. Time for brekkie, back later.


Up early today, kids fed and dressed, weather is that horrible mist rain that soaks you without knowing it. It's managed to keep raining since yesterday but only managed 2mm according to rain gauge!. Going to sow some chilli seeds today, they'll be in a tray in electric propagator in conservatory. Really need to have a good clear up in GH, take my bubble-wrap tent down and get the mahoosive propagator ready for action. The chillis I'm going to try to grow are super hot Bird-eye. They were bought to rub on my eldest daughter's thumb nails to stop that thumbsucking! I don't like chilli, my missus isn't keen and neither do the kids, so why grow them? Well, why not? Something to flog down the car-boot isn't it!

Hope you guys have a good day, catch you laters.


GoodMorning all ,misty rain here aswell oh well  ?



Morning all. Light rain here, but looks as though it will clear up. Housework today.OH has already hoovered the kitchen floor,  now I must wash it. Ageratums have germinated! Sowed 4 days ago.

Pennine Petal
Morning all, cold and damp here. Plsd to report finger much better, I put comfrey cream on it yesterday, so the bruising much better.

Unfortunately I need to do some marking today, having had to go out every day, I am happy to stay home today and watch the rugby.
Miss Becks

Morning lovelies!

Dull day here. Just booked my car in for it's MOT for Tuesday! Hopefully my walking days will be over soon!

Might do a bit more outside today, depending on ground conditions. Haven't been out there yet.


Morning BenDerekGlynLizBecks

Being called 'lovelies' always makes me smile, Becks

Glyn, glad to hear your war wound is improving. Marking  but you'll be glad tomorrow ! 


Morning all. 

OOOH Dean Plants?

Becks one of my tulip pots was knocked over yesterday, went to stand it up and was stuck in the clay for a bit, it's Soo wet Fingers crossed for your car

Hi Jean - I'm about, in and out, though by the looks of it, it will be mainly in

Had an invite for a birthday lunch today - in October - where has the year gone 

I was considering Crocus lying in bed this morning as I need some more mature plants. I shall have to see how the money goes