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I'm glad you asked me that-I read earlier this evening that Dallas starts on ch5 In September-you may have to alter your holiday plans-it will be completely underwhelming

I shall be somewhere in La France in 7 days

Glyn -will find you some lovely tat



I have seen trailers for Dallas but no date

Jo have a safe journey.

Miss Becks

Talking of films, The Birds has not long started. Old and tacky, but a fave.

Pottie Pam

Good morning all. Good to be back with you. What have I missed?

I've been staying in a caravan while I let my cottage out. This is a photo of a tiny fox that was hoping for a chicken dinner. I felt sorry for him, he looked so confused but I suppose in a few weeks he'll be big enough to be a real threat to the chickens.

Gary Hobson

I always regard it as 'lucky' if I see a fox.

It certainly is lucky if you spot one, but I feel that there's more to it than mere chance.



Glorious sunny day here, I can feel the flowers smiling as I type.

pottiepam welcome back, do you feel rested after your hols? You will be surprised to know that we have been discussing cakes and tv. 

Pottie Pam

Hi Gary, my chickens don't think it's lucky! but I must admit I do like to see them.

Thanks, Kate. I enjoyed not haven't much to do, just reading and watching the wildlife.

Watched GW last night. I thought Monty looked a strange colour. Someone once described it as 'hangover p""s shade. Liked his pond though.

Later watched 'Boy in the striped pajamas'. Very moving.

I watched that film too, dont think i will watch it again. I was so upset my daughter and i sat there in floods.


Hello Maud and welcome back to the outside world Pam

Am back from everybodystatsandrubbishwillseewhatwecanflogitforville-failed miserably on all request fronts-nearly bought another golf bag but didn't-got some ant-powder for 30p and OH got a couple of pictures and some small glasses-don'y need any of it really but heh-hoh

Been to Romsey-beige city

It is cloudy warm and muggy the sun has made fleeting appearances.

E-mail notifications stopped again?


Hello Maud.

I have been outside and watered, it will definitely be a double water day.

Geoff I am disappointed, I was looking forward to some good tat.


I feel I have let everybody down-another failed mission

I read that the mind games have started with footy again- Mancini is telling everbody that Man U are favourites??

Jean Genie

Hi everyone ,  What a lovely photo of the little fox.

I didn't watch Boy in the striped pyjamas - read the review and decided it was not for me.  I dissolve into tears when watching adverts ! The donkey one gets to me everytime ! We did a carboot a couple of years ago - up at 4 in morning to get a good spec and as soon as we opened the car everyone dashed over with miners' lamps on their heads. Had a fine lunch on what we made . It never ceases to amaze me what other people will buy.

Enjoyed the banter about films - I'm a sci-fi fan. Time for cake . Just finished cleaning conservatory - made a big mess dead-heading.

Time for cake.

Jean Genie

Hmm - time for cake twice ?? That must mean 2 slices.


Afternoon all, it's a warm one today isn't it! I've just found out Cabbage Butterflies like nausturtiums, I was admiring a fine looking specimen sat in my lawn a few days ago, I don't think they are quite so beautiful today...

Off to water the garden, then to footie, then probably water the garden again when I come back. Unless one of you kind ladies and gents want to do it for me?



I made a comment a couple of hours ago about the e-mail-perhaps someone has made an error somewhere and it trips out at the weekend-will report it as a bug- but no-one seems to respond to those nowadays

I have my own watering to do leggi but thanks for the opportunity to practise my technique-will my hose reach?


Have been working in charity shop all morning for dog rescue. People who can't sell their tat at car boots bring it to us so we can take it to the tip and save them the bother. Lovely people also bring us stuff that has been carefully sorted and washed so it's not all doom and gloom!!


Leggi do you have a season ticket?

Time is approaching

Jean I do not watch sad films either.


The Olympics is starting again-athletes marching into stadium-I now know why I picked the no-commentary option-the commentary is dire

Flo-do you ever get people trying to nick stuff or complain about the prices?

Pottie Pam

Thanks for your welcome back,Geoff and your comments about my fox photo,Jean.

Sorry Geoff couldn't fulfill your orders from the carboot. I feel he is putting himself under too much pressure. He is already helping us out with gardening problems, IT and fashion advice. He deserves his holiday. I forgot menu planning.