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Pennine Petal

I'm good at performing, I do it for a living, but my la la las might be out of tune.


Glyn Simon Cowell says he will offer you a contract, performance is more important than singing in tune

As Glyn says, what a variety of topics today!

Geoff-I can't see me being on the tv, wasn't tempted to stand and wave in any crowd scenes when they were filming-my daughter (aged 11) joined in as an extra in the crowd when they announced the winner though. She was behind someone tall though.
Love the new hen pics too.

Lovetogarden- I like pannacotta for an Italian pud. I make a rum and raisin one from the Hairy Bikers 12 days of Christmas.

All this talk of cake has made me peckish! I have a giant courgette that needs using so may make chocolate courgette muffins and I can tell myself that it is one of my 5 a day. Whether I can find the motivation tonight is another matter.

I know re being hungry after reading the posts- have just had a nice apple instead of raiding the holiday chocolate. Once have been weighed......

BTW dont dance either!

Like the look of the 'all in one' thing, but wouldnt want to wear outside of house!

Off to flop now. You've no idea how difficult it is to type when brain slowing down.... J.


How does one get in and out of those onesy things? Or shouldn't one ask? And what does one do if one's tootsies get hot?



Have you noticed that the models for the onesies are all very young? do you have to have pigtails or a trendy hairdo? That rules me out on both counts, I don't think I could get away with wearing one of those, my OH would die laughing.

Nola. The Rum and Raisin Pannacotta sounds yummy, might give it a whirl, will have to look up the recipe, thanks.


Pennine Petal
Jo, you definitely need a onesie, if you're flopping!
Flo, you could put air vents in the toes perhaps.

Another couple of our students in Be Your Own Boss tonight. Have recorded it and watched Alex Kingston, quite interesting.

Good moaning each and everyone

The chilly wind seems to have died down which is good as playing around just after 9-need to decide what to where and have plumped for the pink lips onsey which should get me some admiring glances as I hack round-will report back later on the reviews

It woulds seem that we have lots of background performers and backstage helpers but very few singers-will rethink our strategy and come up with another spiffing idea to get this off the ground

Don't forget hard-hats if going out-I am not responsible for any injuries


Jean Genie

Can I come out of the naughty corner, please ? Hope I've put things right.


Jean-I think the comment was meant as a joke-it looked as though you called the poster "mealy bugs"-but as I said a smiley face would have made a difference

Jean Genie

Point taken. Smiley faces will be used more often.


No you- you plonker-Christopher


Morning forkers.

Lovely and sunny here, warming up now too. Busy day today - just errands and stuff. Hope all is well in your worlds.


Sunny day here but they are using some sort of machine to flatten the ground for the patio and my teeth are rattling.

Jean I saw that comment and there was no rudeness in your reply. But if you are offering pie can I have an apple one?

Glyn you have some talented students.


Another wet day up here! Will it never end? You southerners dont know how miserable it gets, but then drought & dying crops/plants doesnt appeal either.

Had a brilliant nights' sleep & wide awake straight away- most unusual for me!- so took my 'nasty' tablet. You cant eat nor drink for at least 30mins+ afterwards, which completely throws me out!

Anyway, all organised this morning. Mechanic picked up my car, washing machine & tumbler on. TV also on very quietly so I can finally tackle the last lot of holiday ironing. Daughter says not a problem- she actually slept through the window cleaner & next doors' workmen yesterday! J.



David you are correct, I have learnt a new word for the day I am now worried about my windows.

Jo it is an interesting point you make, I like the dryness of the east as it does make leaving the house easier but if I had a choice of locations I would go further south west. I would just have to learn about different plants.


Ironically Kate I cant grow moisture loving plants due to the surrounding trees taking all the water from the soil. Have been thinking about doing a bog garden- using compost bags beneath the soil- sometime in the future. No enthusiasm nor energy for that at the mo.

Sympathies re the WP noise & vibration. When they were pile driving for the new houses well away from us we could certainly feel & hear it! Noticed that in Austria nobody started any building works until 7am. IME no British ones start before 9am, unless you are doing that house building near us that is! J.


Good morning everyone.

Everyone round near us seems to be doing building work too. Instead of moving they are adding rooms, having new roofs, drives etc.I dread to think what monstrosities will be going up now the building regulations have been relaxed.

The car had it's M.O.T yesterday, needed a new battery, so more expense.

On a brighter note OH and mates won their domino match so smiley faces today thanks goodness.

A bit warmer here this morning, raining nicely. Just what we need in the east.

Have a good day.