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Lottie, my OH was sent straight to the bathroom after his bonfire this afties, all his work clothes in the washer, can't stand the smell of smoke, but he's very happy to have got rid of all the hedge clippings, mainly Pyracantha.

Geoff.- Am I the only one old enough to remember Pearl and Dean.

The old bloke with the beard at the Remembrance Service, was Prince Michael of Kent.

I am now looking forward even more to The Glums( les Mis) now I have heard good reports about it, long wait though until March 20th.

Now going to watch Country File.

Just had Roast lamb, mmm and home made rice pudding with lots of lovely nutmeggy  skin.


Jean Genie

Evening all  HELLO POTTYPAM  I do really try but sometimes its hard to remember everyone at my age

Glyn. Bodnant was the last garden we visited  Glad to hear Jess is better - it's a worry when they're young . Never seen Les Mis - last time it was The Nutcracker but it was the Russian Ballet . In my opinion not as good as the English interpretation.

Georg - about that lottery site for winning numbers. Are you willing to share ?

And to everyone else big Hello

I'm making the most of the heating and light before the big turn off tomorrow  Just hoping it's not going to be as long as they say. Have made contingency plans to be fed though.

Miss Becks

My laptop hates this site! I think the adverts are too much for it to handle. Well, it is old now.

Just had a lovely chicken roast dinner, bought round by my lovely neighbours! Am stuffed now, but somehow feel the need for pudding. All I have is a cake I made yesterday. Fancied something fruity.

Thankyou all again for the nice words about Jess. She is definately back to normal now, and asking to go to sleep! (hence me being on the dinosaur laptop while holding her hand while she is lying on the settee)

I'm in on those lottery numbers!!

Deanos Diggin It

Right Guy's n Gal's!

And to all telly dwellers! Enjoy your "I'm a Celebrity! Get me a bottle of Merlot! n a bottle of proper Daddies brown sauce!

I'm off to eat Sweet n Sour chicken n savoury rice! 

Alway's said TV was a proper stopper of conversation!



Miss Becks

They haven't converted me yet Dean! I may have had sky installed, but haven't watched anything on it yet!! Probably won't either. Too set in my ways!

Enjoy your S & S.


Chris-possibly on Pearl and Dean-the adverts-just 2 minutes from this theatre-the local Indian-

-I had the last of the home made rice pudding as well -day3

Jean is going to incommunicado tomorrow -we shall expect a post-card

The clapping has started again-the out of sync clapping

Becks-here is something fruity


Jean Genie

I will be charging my laptop tonight so will be around for a bit   Glad it's not going to be too cold - just hoping they can do the repairs quickly. I'll get up early and put the heating on so will be warm for a while.  Good excuse not to hoover, iron, or do any washing  9 hours though

Miss Becks

Ha ha ha! Cheers Geoff. I no longer crave fruit. That has put me right off!!

Miss Becks

Jean, does your wireless connection run through your hub at home? Cause if the hub is off as well, no connection.

Jean Genie

 B.H. ! Forgot about that Becks. Gonna be Billy-no mates


Jean -you might be able to find a wi-fit hot-spot near you-but then that might be affected as well

Miss Becks

Can't remember if you were with BT or not, but if you are, they do BTopenzone and BTwifi. If you register online for it tonight, it activates instantly, and your laptop wireless will pick up the best connection for you.

Jean Genie

Just hope the cafe isn't ! My friend hasn't had a letter so I think they will be ok and it's only 10 mins from here . Will still be able to cook though as we have a gas cooker - just won't be able to use the grill or oven as it's fan assisted.

Hey- ho - I'll survive  


During the war.......................................


Pennine Petal
Much as Gracie's, Geoff.
Chris, I can hear the music now, we're going to Skyfall tomorrow, is it long, should there be an interval? The Odeon used to do a peach mivi to go with the Kia-ora.

Decided to shop online for the first time, got fed up of it, so I gave up. Have a voucher for 12 pounds off 60 pound shop, runs out tomorrow. Think I'll go in store.
Jean Genie

Thanks, Becks but we are with A.O.L. I'm sure I'll survive

Thinking about those poor people in New York - some are still without power

Is anyone having problems with the site ? It keeps freezing  

Miss Becks

I think my hub got the wrong end of the stick then and panicked!! Lost my connection, and had to enter all the wireless details again!

Deanos Diggin It

Noticed the 32c black bra'd women as returned! 

Pennine Petal
Sorry iPad is murdering my attempts at Spanish! I must learn to read before I send!

Expensive garden pots on Antiques Roadshow!