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Hello again. Everything back in the right place on this page but not on the one before

What do cadbury's take and cover in chocolate?

Just watched Episode 1 on Last Tango in Halifax. Nice and gentle sort they used to put on,on a Sunday

I've got messages 12765 - 200305 views

Perhaps I'm in time wharp as well as lost in cyber space!!


The views leap up like a leapy-upping thing

The Killing is in its third series- Danish drama with subtitles-Lottie watches it as well-I have 4 episodes to watch and have only seen 15 minutes

Better go to bed and watch some now

Night all

Miss Becks

Night Geoff.

Gonna catch up with Crinkly Bottom Hall!

Miss Becks

Right, going to have another early night. Hopefully will have stopped sniffing and sneezing by the morning.

Pennine Petal
Killing finished, football over, off to bed.
Night all



Bjay-it was nuts-Jo is going nuts-cadburys...................

Morning kids

Looks frosty out there-sorry to those who are car scraping

Today-the Leveson report will be published for those that interested in such things-if you don't want to know the result look away now-that means flood stories are old news it will be all about press freedom and Hugh Grant-expect loads of waffle and such-like

Kettle's boiling, chickens about to have a crow-back to bed to watch some telly

Pottie Pam

Good morning Geoff,

My cockerel woke me up about half five. Lovely moon so maybe it woke him early.

Gone back to bed with a coffee and watching the lovely skies.

Looking forward to going outside today and clearing the rest of the falling photinia and cutting the dahlias down and covering them with bracken. Someone forcast the coldest winter for a hundred years so hope they survive. Looks like it's going to be a lovely day, sunny but cold.


Gary Hobson

Morning forkers,

Fed the birds earlier. It was daylight, but the moon was full and bright. Only a light frost last night.

A cold day forecast, so I won't be doing any work outside today. But it is going to be nice and sunny, so I might sit in the greenhouse later, which should be very pleasant.


Oh that Cadbury tune will go round & round all day now! 

Hard frost out our back today -4C & falling........ Daughter & me carried out the bags/box out to the front. Should be collected anytime now.

Daughter has started to unpack the boxes that came from SIL! I really dont need this...... & then she said 'where are we putting the tree this yr?'

Ok need to take my turn in bathroom before engineer arrives. Back later. J.


Argh.... SIL sent over a mouse with an old type adaptor, OH has pounced on it with glee to use with his old pc -more junk!! (Daughter started to open boxes )

Got beaten to bathroom twice! J.

Jean Genie

Morning Pam, Jo, Geoff and Gary and everyone else.  We have heavy frost here - everywhere white . Glad I won't be going out just yet.

Frost- stat on boiler kicked in about 4am and woke me up  Our Boiler is in the garage.

There's a bird feeding frenzy going on outside. Up to now I've seen blackbirds , bluetits,great tits , thrushes , long tails and a robin. Oh , and a little tiny wren that picked something up from the bird table that was nearly the same size as him/her  Think it was a mealworm. Noticed the fatballs have nearly gone (again) At this rate I'll be spending more money on their food than ours.

Love watching them though so more tea and back to it .

Lots of sparrows as well but still having trouble knowing if they are treesparrows or house sparrows  Probally something to do with my eyesight.

Should have gone to Specsavers.


Morning GeoffPamGaryJoJean. I made it for morning registration today. Frosty and bright though not a heavy frost. The sounds of sandpapering are coming from the dining room - it's very weird having someone in to do this as I have always done my own decorating.

The only bird that has been spotted on my new feeding facility is one robin. Squirrels are the usual occupants as there is an easy jump from the stone dragon on to the dish thingy.

Jo, you have my sympathies living with people who want to acquire more 'stuff' when you are trying to get rid of it! I'm a bit of a hoarder but every so often steel myself for a chuck-out and the current bout of decorating is a good chance to get in that frame of mind.

OH just off to optician, Jean, can I get him to bring anything back for you?   ;- )


Morning numerous forkers.

Trust everyone is well.

My cat has just been sitting in the window watching the birds on the bird table, chattering away to herself, she has now gone to sleep on the sofa, no doubt for the rest of the day.

Jo, I too can understand your frustration with your oh hoarding,. I am determined to clear out a wardrobe of OH stuff, but each time I try all I get is " you can't throw that away, it's good stuff". with a bit of luck we might part with a couple of things.

Becks you made me smile at Crinkly Bottom Hall. - that's what I call it, I just can't seem to get the right title. We used to watch Noel Edmunds and Mr Blobby on Saturday evening, I half expect him to come out of one of those cupboards. Not sure it has lived up to my expectations.I think I will get the book from the library and see if that is any more scary. Hope you and Jess are feeling better.

Off to town shortly, see what I can find, on my own this time, Oh wants to come home as soon as we get there

Have a good day.




Charity pick up been. I was in bathroom or would've shot out & asked about the electrical stuff they do collect, at their discretion. They always come before 8.30am so I knew that there wouldnt be any mix up with the other 2 lots due round today! Thinking about it, I'll sort the electrical pick up for when OH back at work/little house. J.



Have a good shop on your own Chris.

I try to avoid shopping with OH when possible. J.



Pam-I hope being woken up by a cockerel is not another euphemism

Flo-we never got a play review??-and that might be a dead decorator scratching to be let out

Jo-still confused -why have you agreed to take this stuff??-am I being fick??-just sounds like more junk-but once again not my house

You have all just reminded me -must go and put some bird food out-now where are my glasses........................


Why have I agreed to take this stuff? Hmm, good point.

Seriously, some of it bequests from MIL- paintings, glasswear (!) & I hope some Royal Worcester crockery MIL always said I could have, to add to my collection! But, since have refused to open the one box I still dont know if that's in there & we're not sure if SIL knew what MIL had said...... Some of it is junk, assume SIL just didnt want it. Other things have sentimental value for OH, another horder & after the yr we've had not worth starting WW3.

Engineer now having to return for a couple of hrs at w/end to completely finish off as some of the tiling 'not set' but he's doing as much as poss today & tomorrow either him, or another one, I got totally confused, is coming. Help!

OH & daughter cleared off to TC- had to run out to her car with her handbag!!

Right, at least am warm at the mo as heating on to try & dry out tiling, but have tried to pull bathroom door closed as window open & all the heat & our £ will escape........ J.



Morning All

Lovely frosty day. Put washing out , not wise I know but it does get freshenedd up. Topped up bird feeders. OH is at supemarket so have asked him to buy lard. Might be cheaper to make fat blocks for birdys than buying them all the time. Any one done this?

Page 638 is still as wierd as last night!!

Pleased you've lost some boxes Jo Hard luck on gaining some 

We keep a pair of binoculars handy for visiting birds. There is one I really don't know what they are, About the size of a greenfinch but rounder and a lovely soft brown colour, with a finch typ beak. Camera zoom isn't good enough for a photo I've tried. Perhaps Sants will bring me a new camera, or it might be a lilac wheelbarrow.  Will have to wait and see

Will have to cover my convovulus cneorum today. Have been putting it off as it looks so nice.

Jean Genie

Well all the birds are still there. Have to prise myself away now need to go to shops and Daughters.

Bjay - my binoculars are always at hand as well  Just had a blackcap on the feeder but no sign of the nuthatches for weeks, Hope they come back. Try one of those bird identifier sites to see if you can recognise your birdie.

Jo, hope you manage to dry your tiling out. Find it 's a pain trying to dry ANYTHING in this weather.

The sun's out but everywhere is still white including my car.  Thought it'd be gone by now so must still be cold.

Morning Flo and Chris

Pottie Pam
sotongeoff wrote (see)

Pam-I hope being woken up by a cockerel is not another euphemism.......................

Geoffrey really 

Good morning everyone.

Could your bird be a female bullfinch , Bjay?

Just ordered my Christmas present to myself. Four tonne of gravel for the drive. I might regret that later on as it will be me spreading it about.