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I have made beef wellington. It is tricky stopping soggy bottom. A hint I saw, but not used was to buy/very thin pancakes, cover the fillet in your pate, mushrooms or both and then wrap in pancake before pastry. Another hint is that when you sear the meat make sure all edges are sealed/ less juice to escape. Individual ones do not take long to cook, getting timing right on large one needs careful weighing. Hope this helps

Oh and make sure the tin you cook it on is heated as the oven heats so that it is hot


Weird or what, the person I was trying to contact yesterday has just rung 

Been out and broken ice on pool and bucket fro Mr Robin.


Sorry morning all

i was half way through writing post when person phoned. Oh dear poor chckens. next door but one have them in a electrified enclosure, but she was a bit fed up with fox and I haven't heard them recently.

I have loads of my M paper work, some of it dating back to my F and he passed in 1992. everynow and again I sit with shredder, thing is it has to be gone through carefully in case some thing important is lurking in the piles


Bjay that is very weird telepathy

I have a very busy day planned Man Utd play Liverpool then Man City play Arsenal, this will give me a great opportunity to finish knitting the hat. I also need to do some ironing and may fit in a Sunday Roast but sadly not Beef Wellington.


Aw Pam, that's not nice. I grew up opposite a farm & the foxes were a real pain!

OH has just presented me with a cuppa & a piece of lemon drizzle cake... that's my treat for today!

The grenhouse does look quite good, even if I say so myself. It didnt rain after all overnight afterwards, but cant help that. The staging is now covered with brushed out plastic & terracotta pots. They need storing away next. I rarely wash any out, unless signs of a bad 'bug' infestation. I also did the winter fruit bush prune & some weeding beneath them. Shall feed & mulch them sometime soon.

Need to hoover today as daughter starts nights again tomorrow- last lot ever apparently- so the rest of this week will have to be quiet!

We're having plaice done someway for lunch before OH goes back. Must fine some vegs soon. Not sure what daughter will get for her meal this evening, think shall raid the freeezer.J.

Miss Becks

Dean, I can't give much advice on the iPad thing I'm afraid, Mine was free as a 'Loyalty' reward from T-Mobile, so choosing the model wasn't an option.

Pam, that's a shame about your chucks.




Hat! That's a point where is my woolly hat? Guess I'd best find it just in case.

I knitted my grand daughter a hat and the style was called T-bag. She looks very cute in it. She looks cute whatever, mind you

just going to sort out/lay fire for later. If it's as cold as they say will need that.


Back in-mission completed-OH is sorting out a freezer-not allowed to get involved

Bjay is having trouble stopping a soggy bottom

Kate will be shouting at the TV

Becks is shredding paper

Liz have seen bits of Take Me Out-for some reason it doesn't appeal

Pam -that is sad about the chickens

Dont think I have ever had beef wellington-is it rubbery?

Morning everybody else


Bjay I looked at t-bag hats but think you have to be young and cute to get away with that style.

Geoff will you be having odd menus now?

Pennine Petal
Just having a tea and toast break. Left over lamb for tea. I do what mam did, slice it up and heat it through in the gravy. Made sure we had plenty of red wine gravy left over.

No particular going out plans for today.

Geoff, hope the chickens appreciate your dedication.
Pam, sorry to hear about yours.

I am imagining Becks sitting on the floor amidst a huge pile of shredded paper.

I have issued a decree-that we need to start eating stuff that is stored and stop storing more

Are you telling us Kate that you are not young and cute ?


Hello all, fed horses, went to late church (there is C of E in France), roast in oven. OH isn't back from UK til Tuesday. Having roast 'cos then I can heat it in microwave for Monday and Tuesday and there are veg including butternut squash roasting with it for soup for evenings.

Bit worrying about snow, OH will be taking plane from Stansted, hope he gets there allright and plane takes off.

Hope to clean out greenhouse this afternoon having read some of the other posts about people cleaning greenhouses. Dead tomatoes still in it.


I am attempting to rescue 2 moth orchid plants. The one was M's and the other I bought as a present for someone but kept it myself

They have been neglected of late so have bought some compost, brought water in from the butt to get to room temperature and am following A Titchmarsh instructions in Dec GW mag. , At moment am just soaking the small one without compost as roots were dry and compost non-existent.

Anyone any advice??


Geoff living in the moment might be quite carthartic,

I was once young but never cute

Flying and snow is never a great combination,


My daughter, as her birthday treat, has tickets to see the pandas at Edinburgh zoo. They are flying up there on Friday until Sunday, It was cheaper than the train! We are doing the airport runs. I just hope they do not become snow bound. 

Deanos Diggin It

Pam....That's awful about the chickens!

Geoff....Award yourself a star! Job well done!

Beck's...Thanks.....For nothing

Just see what rubish they try fill me with once there!

Off to venture.....Sunny out there.....but bitterly cold! 

Catch ya all later!



Sausages for dinner- a freezer discovery

Don't like snow -flying or any any other kind


Bjay, dont over- water/soak the orchid. I killed one with over watering.

I water our 3, well 1 is daughter's, with tepid, soft water (what we have here anyway), only about 1X a week in winter & barely 2X in summer.

Pot in orchid compost, into a clear pot if got, no panic if not. Dont over pot either. The roots do try to escape, it's what they do, so accept some'll be outside the top of pot. If using new compost I wouldnt feed yet. Bright, not hot sill & wait!

Cut back any old flowering stems down to a node & after a couple of weeks or so you should see signs of new growth from one of the lower nodes. That'll be the next flowering stem. Well that's what I do. I do sometimes feed them when the stems are well in bud, but sometimes being the way with houseplants around here.

Right, OH wants me to sort out my Amazon/kindle things- I may be gone some time. J.

Pottie Pam

Thanks all for your sympathy about my chickens. I let them out while I was in the garden earlier but they are still nervous. Safely back in their shed now.

Your daughter is lucky Bjay. I wonder if the pandas will perform this year.

Did any one see those adverts that popped up for wooly hats with a beard? I'd like to knit one of those for my grandson.



Geoff - You never know what is lurking at the bottom of the freezer you  will be having all sorts of unexpected things over the next few weeks/months

We are having roast lamb, mint sauce, roasted veg and potatoes at some point in the day

Bjay, hope your daughter and co have a wonderful time, what a treat.! The last time we went to Edinburgh was at this time of year and you could see snow on the hills from our hotel window. I think the weather is set to improve by next weekend, hopefully, as we are going away on the 21st for my birthday treat. nothing as exciting as the pandas though.



Thanks Jo. Sometime ago, as I didn't know what to do I bought a repot your orchid kit so I have a pot. The kit didn't have enough compost so the plant has been struggling. When I saw AT article I bought more compost and decided to have another go. It is suffering more from drought than too much water!!


Pooh Have been smelling something most of day, checked everyones shoes, no, checked trouser legs, no Only one thing it can be - DOG. though neither of us has seen him rollng. Unfortunately can't have bath till tomorow