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Gauras are on the list but probably next year unless I can find that one Verdun talks about, cheap, at the Malvern Spring show this weekend

Salino, Fremontodendron has one nasty releases spores/fibres that irritate the eyes and skin.  Come pruning time or any time you need to get near it those hairy fibres will cause distress.  Despite wonderful floweriing I have removed it.   I would recommend carpentaria californicum though...stunning white flowers over evergreen foliage. Mine is about to flower

Gaura lindheimeri corries gold is variety to go for.  For me it is hardy


Salino- I can see you've been busy! The horrible orange fence is being painted and it's where the gate is which I am going to move and I will then have a run of fence to plant on- will remove all the slabs (over time)  which are very ugly to make way for that. The 'white wall' is next door's garage so I will put some support between the fences and plant on that. Gate is probably going at that end.The side is where the new extension will be going so there will be a fence dividing front and back areas with hedge planted in autumn. Front is what I'm fencing first and hedge will go round that too- a jaggy one to keep out brats that keep cutting through

The enclosed 'back bit' will be opened up and shed moved so that I will have a reasonable space to use. My rescued clematis will probably go on the fence (down to that garage wall) and other climbers too. Gravel will be getting changed as well over time and compost bins going out at the back beside car area.

You did well! 


^...I had a go... it was fun....but like all good gardeners I can see you've got it worked out.  It will be so nice to see another photo perhaps in a year or so, or however long it takes...

hi Verdun,

yes I agree the Fremontodendron has that rather hairy problem, which is a shame... and it wouldn't suit everybody, but I think it's long flowering season redeems it for me, and a good pair of gloves is necessary to deal with it...

Also looks great as a free standing shrub.  I've not known it cause problems with the eyes, only a bit of skin irritation due to the bristles at pruning sessions.... we all react differently I suppose and I do think this is a plant best seen at a little distance - and it's best to keep that distance I think....






First 3 posts in!



Great job, FG.  Straight as a die too !!

Remind me again - will this be a fence when it grows up?


Just read back - it is obviously a fencling ...


It will be a fence chick-and will have a jaggy hedge planted as well!

Not quite decided what yet though. Was going to put hornbeam in as I love it but thinking of jaggy now- pyracantha or maybe even hawthorn- for birds etc 


Bereberis is good as well, and some have sweetly scented flowers - and prickles 


I know Matty - that's another on my list and I do prefer the smell of them to firethorn! Passed one today that was dripping flowers and it was lovely 


 Tulip and Hyacinths, roses too!

 tulips yet to open, and clematis climbing away!

 front of the trellis, climbing roses hiding there somewhere!

 another angle.

 one of the troughs


 last one!

 The tulips in the above shot in the middle trough are the same as everything that hasn't bloomed yet in front of the trellis, will add pics when that lots comes out. Got the clematis to come, as well as roses and tree lillies. It's starting to get there!



Hello Brummie Ben, haven't heard from you for a bit. Welcome back. But I wish you'd get rid of the Leper bit and be as you were before. Lovely coloured tulips, bright jewels. Mine are nearly over. 

The potty gardener

That is looking really colourful Ben.

Fairygirl- bet you can't wait to get the prickles in place. You've made a great job of the fenceposts.

Hiya BrummieBen

Can you tell us how Brumbull is? A pal of yours isn't he?  Tell him forum isn't quite same without,his input and my,fuschias need his advice.........!



I only knew him from on here, has he gone? I've not been here for about 5 weeks, lots of R/L stuff and such like. Name changed back BL, and FG nice work on those posts, you did by eye? or did you get keen with a tape?


Very kind of you all (re my posts) - string line after thorough measuring etc...and the all important spirit level! I'm not bad at getting things true by eye but always check frequently with the trusty level 

Nice pix BBen- did you do your trellis by eye...


yep with a line and level :P


Not a brilliant photo and weeding not finished (but is it ever?) but it's getting some colour.