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Bunny ...
I started mine early spring last yr using John innes seed and used toilet rolls for the first time, best sweet peas I have had and plan to grow more this yr. I wonder if I start indoor window ledges I could start them now .
The potty gardener

I'm pleased you have warned us that the compost can be frozen and they might flop over. If this had happened I would have composted them thinking that they were dead.

Hi ,I am on long island n.y ,I am zone7. Do you think that I can start poppys and sweet peas in toilet rolls and plant out  at the same time . I am going to start them now indoors, then around march put in a cold frame ,then into the garden as it warms up a bit.I do not know how cold tolerant they are . I have not tried these yet. They say poppys do not like rich soil, but I am not sure about this, should I put compost in the soil anyway,could it hurt.                                 Thanks Debra

How are everyone's sweet peas faring in this current cold spell. I'm only getting out to check mine at weekends but they look to be doing remarkably well, better than last year, some of the new growth/stems are beginning to thicken up. 

I planted my first lot of sweet pea seeds yesterday. I have one lot in the propagator and the others in the spare bedroom keeping the temperature above 10degC. Has anyone else out there gone for an early sowing?


Hi am thinking of buying root trainers to start my peas, beans ans sweet peas off in, are they worth the expense? If so can I start other crops such as tomatoes in the same way? Am a novice to this so sorry if the questions seem daft???
Bunny ...
Philippa2 I saved toilet roll and kitchen roll inners last yr and they worked brilliantly going off the advice they don't like their roots disturbed, I then planted whole tube into my pots , they flowered very well.

Hi, I am going to try my hand at sweet peas.I am going to start them in toilet rolls, under grow lights and then harden off for out doors .Does anyone know if they will grow well in a large pot with a trellis ? David you are correct ,the weather hear is slightly different ,I thought it was the same as u.k because I am on an Island and have water on both sides.Its  colder here in winter and warmer in summer .I am not offended, I love to get opinions from people who have the know how ,and hope my gardens could look as lovely and lush as those in the u.k .It is not as popular here .Thanks Debra


debra kazalski, I have just looked through my American encyclopedia of organic gardening and it doesn't give me any clues about the zones. I assume you are going to start these sweet peas off in a heated greenhouse or on a window sill indoors?

I have grown Ipomea (Morning Glory) in a large pot with trellis before, it would be interesting to try sweet peas like that; I would put lots of well rotted manure in the pot when you pot them on and keep feeding it.

Bunny ...
Debra I always have mine in pots or troughs as the giant black slugs here are rather partial to anything I particularly like . I use bamboo canes and even trim some bamboo from garden to make obelisks with twine, I place troughs by my pergola for them to climb up too amongst the clematis .

Hi,Thanks for all your help ,will follow the advice. I have something to go by now ,knowing they like cool weather.     Debra

Its Debra I would like to know if anyone nics there seeds so they germinate faster .Thanks

Hi Debra, I've been reading up on this and the current advice seems to be to just plant them without soaking or scarifying, that's what I've done this time. I made tubes of newspaper (approx 3" diam) to sow them in as this breaks down more easily than loo rolls once they're planted out. I used a small squash bottle to wrap the newspaper round and cheat a bit by popping a staple in to hold it together.

As David K says, once germinated they should be treated mean. Last year mine were a hopeless failure because I kept them mollicoddled for far too long before putting them out in the cold frame.

Onward and upward....... Carly

Hi all, I will treat them mean,and .let you know how it goes.The sweet pea I order was royal wedding it is white , a safe color or colour as you say.They look soooooooo beautiful on the packet .I think I will try some potted in newspaper.I am starting them in an unheated garage under grow lights, then off to a cold frame in march,then into the garden as for morning glories, they grow like weeds here.          Debra


Wish my Morning Glories grew like weeds Debra. What's your secret?

The Pen Yr Orsedd Gardener

This is the first time I have ever written on a blog so here goes and what better one to be writing on than one about sweet peas. I planted lots of sweet peas in August/Sept and have  pinched them out numerous times since. They have now got many  stems  and are looking very strong in my cold frame. Can't wait to see them all in flower. Am also going to plant more in Spring to get later flowers.