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I was going to say good morning, but it isn't for some of you.

Dove that was a close call. I hope all is okay when son checks roof. That G & T must have been really needed. So very hard to reassure a confused person, as you say hopefully Ma will have forgotten this morning. Must have been exhausting for Pa trying to cope with Ma's upset. Hugs for you all.

Bill, what can I say other than I'm glad I don't live near you. Meant in the nicest way. No I don't know what whiteouts are, would like to know. Is blood pudding what we call black pudding ? Pigs blood, fat & seasoning in a skin, like a fat sausage, can be eated cold or fried. Hope you looked at the Four candles link that Fidgetbones put on here for you.

Hi Clari, glad we aren't near Dove or Bill.


Morning Stacey, hope you feel bettter today


Good morning all   The garden's full of birds - where were they all yesterday 

Bill, we had a white out in High Suffolk one year in the 80s; it was so bad that some roadmen on one of the big snowploughs got trapped in the vehicle - when they eventually got out and managed to make their way across country to a farm (they were walking on top of the hedges) their clothes were frozen to their skin and the farmer's wife made them get into a warm bath with their clothes on to melt them so that they didn't tear their skin taking them off.  

That was the year I was diagnosed with Extensive Equestrian Panniculitis - first diagnosed on the Royal Canadian Mounted Police - I'm sure it was nothing like as bad as you've got over there Bill, but it was pretty bad for the soft southern UK!

No news from son or Aged Ps' Lovely Home - hopefully no news is good news!

Morning everybody

No storm here but lots of heavy rain.  Mild for now but freezing temps in the overnight outlook.....brrrrrrrrrr   Just 4 degrees or so tonight 


star gaze lily

Morning all, very overcast here but dry at the moment. 

Hope your son and Ma and Pa are ok this morning Dove.

Bill sorry to hear about the awful weather conditions, hope you are warm and safe.

Stacey hope you get better soon, how is Lo.

And hope all other peeps are well this morning, have a good day, stay safe.  


Morning all - trip to the GC this morning - have some vouchers that expire this weekend, and it would be rude not to spend them.  If they have witch hazel Pallida i will also indulge (with a christmas gc token).

Then the plan is to shelter in the GH and sow some wildflower seeds - taking my podcasts with me for company.  

Have a good day one and all 


Morning all. 4 degrees overnight Verd - we've been lucky if it's  that during the day here just now. Manky - as we say up here!  Horrible sleet and hail through the night which kept waking me. The poor birds must be scunnered with the endless wet. I'm glad we have the big conifer at the end of the garden which gives them decent shelter when they come in. Nothing compared to what Dove's rellies and Bill are having though so I'm very grateful. KEF- a whiteout is when snow is so severe it stops you seeing your hand in front of your face. It's pretty frightening even if it's only for a moment or two at the top of a mountain, and  people walk off the edge because of it, but at ground level  it's just as dangerous - as Bill's scenario shows. Hope there's no damage Dove. I know people joke about Norfolk being flat and open but is that part of the problem - houses are the highest points in a lot of places?

Orchid Lady
Morning everyone, I won't say good morning because with the wind and rain it really isn't, I won't be taking the greenhouse down today that's for sure!! Had an email to say the new one is coming on 4th Feb

Just been busy catching up. Sorry I missed the fun and frivolity on Friday, sounds like you had a fab time and you got through some wine.....even more than me and my friend did - that's why I missed my invite and couldn't make the party, I was busy catching up with my best bud

Hope all of you that are poorly or down or just generally having a c*** time are feeling a bit better (Punkdoc, Stacey, Dove with the storms and poorly mum and anyone else I've missed).

Talking of offers, I picked up the Aldi leaflet when shopping yesterday and they have propagators and primula on offer next week.

That's all for now, have a restful Sunday Tx

Hi Tracey- lots of new people  here which is great.  

Perhaps you won't have to 'take' the greenhouse down if the wind keeps up...

Just as well you didn't join that wild lot the other night   - they're very messy and I always have to clear up cos I'm the only sober one - and I have a wand...

Should really go and put up the curtains that I  finished and do some ironing. Awaiting some first draft drawings from architect for the new extension. He had to phone for some reminders a few hours after he visited, and admitted he should have taken my drawing with him. I don't know... men eh?  Scanned it and sent it to him 

The birds won't have far to go for a drink or a bath - there's a nice 'pond' forming along the foot of the raised bed at the back the rain ever going to stop do you think?


Morning all. Have just got up, could not see the point earlier as it is still dark in Sheffield, and the rain keeps falling.

Dove hope the news is better at your end today.

Talking of white outs; many years ago I lost a friend whilst climbing in the Cuillins, we were trying to make our way down near Scurr Alisdair when he lost his footing in zero visibility. Memories of that haunted me for many years, and I still find myself occasionally ruminating.

Surely this weather must stop soon, PLEASE


Sorry about that I am not sure that was really an appropriate thing to be posting.


Our posts crossed there pd. You're right about whiteouts. Part of the challenge for humans of course, but my ex and me  freely admitted to being cowards. Slightest hint of anything dodgy ahead and we'd always have turned back, although a whiteout can come out of nowhere. It's why our hills are not to be taken lightly. Doesn't matter how experienced or how prepared you are either, nature has a way of making us very small and vulnerable. A climber lost his life last year in Skye - he was a member of the rescue team and had decades of experience walking and working there. 

That's trouble with rain here- someone forgets to turn the tap off. 

Orchid Lady
My eldest son has just got home after 2 1/2 hours delivering Nisa leaflets as part of his new job, soaked through and chocolate made and now in the shower warming up!! Great start to the job

Off to the gym soon to work off the wine and pizza excesses of the weekend so far!!


star gaze lily

Thats a shame Tracey, bet he had hoped his  'delivery' days were over

Mmmmm hot chocolate, with marshmallows??  


Just a quickie as we're off out to lunch - just heard from son - not only lightening strikes yesterday, but most of the damage was caused by a tornado - the police have tracked it's route across the town!!!!!!

And I've spoken toThe Lovely Home - Ma is much more settled this morning - thank goodness and thanks for the brilliant carers - they really are worth their weight in gold xxx

Morning all some weather just looked out my back window and seen two dolphins go by lol some water about out there. Going out now to start of my Begonia tubers in trays for the spring my sweet peas are now through but no doubt still got real hard winter weather to come yet hope am wrong.


Thanks for the explanation Fairy. I'm being nosey what is the extension for? Oh & by the way I guess the wand can't stop rain

PunkD was totally appropriate if that is what what you wanted to share and get off your chest. As you say vile outside. Furthest I'm going is the garage. How is the pelvis doing?

Hi Verdun, Lily and Tracey, and I'd better shout loud to Chicky if she's in her GH.

Tracey, the joys of a new little job


Hi Andy, have a nice lunch Dove.