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star gaze lily

Hello PoddingtonP, very pleased to meet you too  

Lets hope the rain stops soon and our gardens dry up a bit! How exciting you have a new garden to change and make your own.  There are lots of friendly helpful people on here, with great advice, I find very helpful.

star gaze lily

Yay, Stacey!  Are you feeling better? And how is Lo? 


It is very exciting. I had promised myself that I would give it a year to see what comes up, and work out what is growing where, but i m really struggling to have the patience, and so much of it is overgrown, I think a lot is going to be done from scratch. I like a challenge, and like you say, will be good to make it my own 


Hi PoddingtonP, how did you choose that avatar?

Very cold all day here, even a brief flurry of snow. Spent a bit of time in the greehouse trying to make some space on the staging, so that there is room for all the seed trays which will hopefully be in there over next month or so.

Autumn sown sweet peas are looking good, 6 inches tall and bushy and, I have sown more inside. I like to sow at different times to try and get flowers over a longer period. Potted up some seed grown violas and the autumn sown Ammi.

Hello folks.

Welcome Poddington.  Nice to have you here 

Today it's been sunny, then wet,  then sunny.    Such a wet but mild winter

Fun n games today about changing my car.  Always....always...they give me their "best price" until I start to haggle.  The difference runs into hundreds of pounds!  





Welcome PoddingtonP 

Verdun - what are you going to change it for?


I am trying sgl., but am going stir crazy if I dont do something and, the pain is now getting a lot better. Must have been the r and r at Verduns! What car did you get Verdun?


Punkdoc, Poddington peas is a children's TV programme from my childhood (80s/90s). All the characters are peas (hap-pea, grump-pea etc.) It has a brilliant theme tune that goes ' down at the bottom of the garden, among the birds and the beas, there lived a lot of little people, called the Poddington peas' 

The avatar is hap-pea. Loved it as a child. Maybe that's what got me into gardening....


Hi PP nice to meet you. There's plenty of very knowledgeable people here to inspire and advise you and keep you amused - in equal measure. I might manage the last one 

Verd- I struggle to keep my face straight in car dealerships. Do you think they just don't get  the fact that we're all wise to the bull****? I can understand them trying it on when it's someone young like me..... but it's different with someone 'mature' like yourself whose been round the block a bit....

star gaze lily


Punkdoc, thats ok then, as long as you're careful 

PP i remember the poddington peas 

That reminds me of another thread! 

Verdun, don't wish to be nosey, but what car are you getting 


Hi Poddington, everyone on this thread is silly except me

Pdoc, you've had a snow flurry, none here. 

Verdun please get a big car so we can all squash in.

Today has been good and I've had a laugh.

Good because I have seen the true colour of the stone on the patio, been wet so long I'd forgotten.

Laugh, maybe a bit "rude" but not that bad, today is the first time ever I have heard my 85yr old Mum say Fart. Not very ladylike, but if you saw my feminine Mum you'd crease. Dad would turn in his grave, but heck, she likes to stay "with it".  


Is anyone baking a cake for tomorrow's birthday bird?



Verdun ............... get a camper!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Stacey Docherty

Welcome poddington wow loved that programme ..... Bake ..... Birthday mmmmmmm toblerone cheesecake anyone????? 

Stacey Docherty

Oh and stargaze I'm minging running a bit hot ATM lo is as fit as a butchers dog cause all her germs are living on me and oh!!!!! Typical.... Well I'm another step closer to my woodland garden but I'm looking for a fern something lush and evergreen medium sized ( 2 foot or so....) any ideas ? I have seen an interesting Irish knot fern never heard of it before looks v interesting but not what I'm after ..... Any ideas peeps?


Hello PoddingtonP

Wow, Toblerone cheesecake, never had it, sounds yummy.

Lily, I haven't seen a sky like that for ages and ages. Raining here in sunny Dordogne, has been for weeks.

Quiet day, did ironing, planned which bedding plants, watched Place in the Sun, Home or Away (while ironing) and Escape to the Country, dyed hair (honey, chestnut, translated from French!). Deleted about 200 emails in inbox.


Various Dryopteris species are evergreen in my woodland Stacey, plus they like dry shade if thats what your woodland has.

I am obviously showing my true age, not knowing about the Poddington Peas. I must have been too young!