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Chicky.  I've since removed all pyracantha from my garden........just worry about their thorns.  Had couple youngsters running around the garden then and I'm a bit paranoid about their safety.  

However, they are lovely shrubs when trained against a wall or fence.  Mine were very attractive if say  I so myself.  Full of white flowers in spring and orange (mine) berries  later in summer and autUmn.  They are easy to train and quick to grow.  Domt spend a fortune on already trained ones.  Yours will soon catch up.  I think correct pruning is the key.

Kaffir lilies i always forget about. Must  get a few


Gammon hock, carrots, leeks, split peas and herby dumplings any good KEF?  There's enough Spicy ginger cake left for pud.

Chicky - that looks good 


........meant to say dove.  Wish I could paint.  Such a  wonderful skill.  Sounds perfect relaxation.    If you,have such a talent it would be a waste to let it go


Chicky I've had a few over the years, I liked the yellow / orange berried ones best, birds didn't scoff them quite as fast. I've still got a couple of bog standard red ones. In there for a purpose. I prefer Escallonia to pyracantha.


Painted all my life Verdun - that's what I am - a painter - even when I have no time to paint - it's the part of me that is always alive - I'm always seeing things as a painter does, watching out for line, form and colour - the same things that a gardener watches out for, but in a different way.  


Oh KEF - what a shame about your dinner. Now is probably not the time to mention that yesterday i spotted (and bought x3 ) the C*****%#^ malteser offering - shaped like a reindeer and very yummy!

Verdun - the thorns are what makes it deer proof ! Will keep a eye on any visiting toddlers though.

Silleeeeee me chicky, forgot.  Just a simple Cornishman, see!     

Evening all

had to go back into garden after a break in the rain planted out more stock plug plants, aster blue dwarf, a abutilon canary bird yellow plant and a red schizostylis major - that lily thing simular that you got chicky but red one really nice colour a this time of year

Sorted bit of pond area out earlier clearing out old liner in bits - some of the trees have rooted well into it all and bits of old carpet and lots of dirt. trying to sort it all out as a pond again with a pre made liner, lots of effort for that trying to pull it all out and clear it not been a pond for a few years as it leaked

Glad to hear the visitors have gone Verdun - hopefully I will get down there in a couple of weeks. Daughter starts her next course of treatment on Thursday, so OH and I need to be around for 4 or 5 days, looking after her and the two little 'uns - looking forward to a break back home!

Gardengirl - my lily thing was "major" variety too - Snap !! Nearly chose one called Jennifer, but Major's flowers were prettier !!

Dove if you hear a knock on the door it's me with my bowl...looks like crackers with reduced fat cheese for me. Or there's still 2 courgettes in the fridge tee blinking hee

Chicky I also forgot about the Bambi. Bet even they wouldn't like the gravy granules, I'll send them to you .  Bet that chap in Canada could ward off racoons with them.

Mmmmm - morrisons gravy granules not getting a ringing endorsement here !

This one, took a pic a the GC

Major on left and jennifer on right

and here is a pic of some of there containers they have done nice, I like the blue one



Don't think I'm eating tonight, still full from lunch!

Going back a couple of pages, dahlias usually survive the winter here, but cannas don't, they do in Bordeaux, not Dordogne. Perhaps they like the sea air!

I feel sorry for KEF, that lamb sounded so good!


Gardengirl, has that blue one got a cauliflower in the middle?


 If so, perhaps KEF can have that for supper - anyone got any cheese sauce



Helly BL - I'm not surprised -  BBQ steak usually fills me up 

The potty gardener

Dove your dinner sounds lush. I managed to slightly overcook the ribs I dug out of the freezer.

Watching a bit of TV tonight then an early night ready for another week.Your count down has really begun now Dove


Hi PG   

10 more working days - 5 next week, 3 the next, 2 the week after that ..... and that's it 

There's a huge potful left - if you lot don't eat it I'll turn it into pea and ham soup

star gaze lily

Been out to friends for sunday roast, taste so much better when cooked for you. Just got back, glad to see you're still here dove. When your OH went shopping did he remember to get bubble wrap Missed yoyr cake any left, just gonna have a cuppa, a slice would go very nicely 

Dove  it is a cauliflower but it is an ornamental one you can buy at min to add to your planters, there is a purple one as well as the white don't think you can eat them

strange but they have them