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27/08/2013 at 09:02


I use the local DIY store here offten inspite of it being some 15 mile away its a nice drive through some of the most beautiful counretyside in france,

You really can drive for miles without seeing another car, just fields of rolls of wheat (looks like a giant has tipped the contents of a shreaded wheat box onto the fields)

you'll see that some farmers make tractor shapes out of the wheat rolls or animal shapes "all looks really nice and brings a smile to visiting childrens faces,

Now this DIY (Brico in french) has over the years ive lived here changed,

Not the staff they're the same amount and do the same jobs within the store and never look any older (It's all the fresh air and no factories around here blowing out fumes etc)

But now the out side has changed and very much for the better in as much they had a line of sheds and a few tin garages in a line just off the car-park as a display idea for all to see and inspect ref 'if you wanted to buy one from this "brico" store.

Ive drove the 15 mile trip many a time just after breakfast and by the time ive arrived ive been needing the loo, But at the time the Brico (DIY) store didnt have a public one.

Many a time ive pulled up on this car park and seen other "Men" wondering around those display garages and disapearing around the rear of them !!!!

One saturday morn i arrived  and thought i'd have a good look at these units,

As i walked around to the rear i found a line of three or four men all relieving themselves, (peeing)

I'd found out why so many men seemed interested in these units and it wasn't to buy one

Whats this got to do with weed control,

well the victorians used the contents of bed pots "urine" pee to the rest of us!

on the compost heaps, they swore by it and they also would pour this urine onto weeds to kill them,

Back to the units,

you couldnt find if you wanted to find "one single weed at the rear of those units and all due to the men using this area as a loo.

The sheds have been moved now and the place they once stood has new life, "weeds".

Its a french thing ref men just wondering off and helping the weed control,


27/08/2013 at 09:11

I think it's very French, but it's not fair on the women. I find sometimes outings here in France are a bit of a nightmare. As I am no longer as young as I was I need to go more often than usual and France is really lacking in the public loo department - unless you are on a motorway!

When we go on holiday in England it's so easy and the loos are clean, and proper ones, not those horrible holes in the ground. When you have arthritic knees holes in the ground are impossible to straighten up from. And they usually either don't flush properly or you have to run to avoid getting your feet wet!

Another thing about France is if you stop in desperation on the side of the road, anyway with suitable cover is full of pink loo paper flapping about in the breeze. Yuk!

27/08/2013 at 09:12

Sorry, none of that was about gardening or weed control! But it does affect my life!

27/08/2013 at 09:18


Im hurting with both laughter & needing the loo,

A real good reply, 'Pink loo paper behind hedges' I wonder how many "new to gardening thought you could grow "pink like paper plants" they'd seen while out walking ?????

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