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I have just put last years separated tubers into trays to start early.  Should  I bring them in the house or should Put them in an unheated greenhouse


If the greenhouse is unheated then it is too early. An unheated greenhouse is not reliably frost free at this time of year. If you really want to start them now then do it indoors.

Have to agree with punkdoc.  Bit early yet but not too lomg to wait 

Thanks for the advice I have brought them in for a couple of weeks

It's my first year with a greenhouse so I am itching to get started.


Susan, a greenhouse is exciting.....ESP your first one.  But just a little patience yet 

Malcolm Harrison

Susan, putting them outside in an unheated greenhouse is still a bit risky at this time of year with the potential for frost - particularly overnight. If you are keen to start them off (as I am now) you could pot a few up in multipurpose compost and bring them inside where they will soon begin shooting. When the shoots are well formed you could then take some cuttings and pot these in mpc to root in an electric propagator at 15 - 20 deg C. They root easily and its a great way to increase your stock for giving away to friends and this way they will come true to type.

Whhooooo I am getting shoots


Malcolm Harrison

Hi Susan - you can also just let the shoots continue to grow on into an established plant keeping the compost moist and the plant inside until any last frosts have passed. You can then put it outside and later on 'stop the main stem' to allow side stems to form and a more bushy plant with more flowers on display.

All the best.

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