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Haven't received any e-mails,or invites to join anything, but recent correspondence on this and other sites is very depressing. Like blackest I won't be bullied, or let others be bullied, but in this case there is little that can realistically be done.
Excuse the language,but I cannot be arsed with all of this, and I'm gone - back to the garden and allotment!

There is so much talk of bullying, I haven't seen any real bullying on this forum only arguing and people getting emotional. Who is bullying who? Or is it all by Private Messages? Sam said she'd had PMs that upset her so I hope they have stopped. Haven't people the right to post on other forums if they want to?

Sam was upset by pms....acceptable to you busy lizzie ? Nobody should be upset by anyone's unsolicited pms.
you have missed the would Tesco feel if you stood on the foyer asking folk to shop at sainsbury? Of ourse you can shop at both venues your own choice.

Check out some recent one liners by of their group. Not nice

People are expressing their desire for this thread to end yet still proffer their odd

joslow is not  'one of their group' actually!

I think this will be my last post on here, I have had enough, the other site will be closely moderated and flame baiters and trolls will be deleted.

Gardening Grandma

I;m afraid that the flame baiters will be going with you. I have to support blackest and verdun on this one. None of this  would have happened if there had been an open invitation to the other forum as an addition to this one. I have been offended by a few posts, but would not have said so, had all this not blown up. The perpetrators of those posts were one or two of those going to the new forum. I believe that Miss Becks had good enough motives in setting it up, but to regard it as a protest against this forum is unwise and somewhat ludicrous, because if the new forum takes off, it will soon get its share of trolls and troublemakers. That's life. The only alternative is to make it a private club and that means it is exclusive and involves a judgement of perfectly nice people who post on this  forum but have not been invited. Wrong!



Good heavens, I thought this had been done with.  For goodness' sake, I hope the Fork Handles thread gets locked, or even deleted, the moderation on here leaves a lot to be desired.  If folk are leaving because they're being bullied by PM, then they need to forward the bullying/derogatory emails to Daniel, because he has the powers to do something about it.  I'd then also ignore the poster on the forum.

Life's too short for petty bickering and backbiting.  TinaTurner and Brumbull, PLEASE don't leave.  I for one enjoy your posts and advice, it's nice to chat to both of you, you feel like friends, and I'd hate for either of you to stop posting.

Let those who want to go and have their little club, if it's not a public forum it will fizzle out.  To me it looks like the toys have been chucked out of the pram, so they've decided to create a forum that they CAN police, by deleting users they don't want, they can't do that on here.

I enjoy posting here, and don't really give a rats' arse about anywhere else, my FREINDS are here.  I won't be bullied, I was in the past, never again.

Now the crap weather has done one, let's all get back out there, ready for the riot that will be going on in the garden, rather than the pettiness and sniping thats' been going on here.

'nuff said.


hi all been away for a couple of weeks to my old stomping ground anything nice been going on ?

Time to cool down I included

I've had some lovely pms from some lovely people so I'm going to stay, contribute and enjoy the forum

Brumbull, come back.....we need your innovative threads, knowledge and fun....

GW forum is best out there but lets keep it clean, united and friendly

MMP.  What can I say. I am really touched as I thought I was one of the invisable posters on here.  I usually talk a load of twaddle.

I too am sorry that Brumbull and Verdun seem to have chosen to leave as they brought a lot of fun to this Forum and had it not been for one particular person, who shall be nameless, everyone could have plodded happily on enjoying the threads they liked. 

Not sure if you are a Beeb refugee but, if so, you will remember the non-gardening chat thread there.  Never a cross word, everyone welcome.  Got the odd troll, but the Beeb soon sent the packing.  I withdrew as, once again, it became dominated by 2 people. Nuff said, exactly MMP.


Tina, ain't leavin. You are simply the best!

I've held back from posting on this 'subject' as I'd naively thought I was dealing with rational normal adults who had a common interest in gardens and gardening.I joined the forum as I hoped I would meet like minded people who would also enjoy a laugh or two.

Like you MMP i've had my share of bullying during my life and I just don't understand it. I have been made welcome and   have enjoyed meeting new people who have shown me a lot of kindness and support. You all know who you are and I thank you again.

 I hope this now dies down and we can all support one another in the right way. It's been ludicrous.

And that's all I'm saying.


Once again, got interrupted and my message is out of sinc.

Verdun, Tina and Brumbull, check your PM's.  No nastiness guaranteed!



I only joined recently and I have met some jolly nice, friendly people who are passionate about gardening. I think it's jolly nice Pam I belong to a few MBs and there are inevitably upsets and the odd squabble, it's human nature ent it? I don't have time to read every thread...and the ones that appeal to me are pretty much gardening, plant and wildlife based.


I think it's a jolly nice board.


Time to start looking forward in my view or there'll be no end to it. Leave these threads and their problems behind . We're here, we're wonderful and we can have a good time. Nothing's perfect but ignore what you don't like.

Daniel Haynes

Hello everyone,

I thought I'd post a few thoughts on the issues raised by this thread, and also clarify how we moderate the forum…

First, I’m very proud of the fact that the GW forum is, generally, such a positive and friendly place. There has been some ‘aggro’ recently, which is a shame. Conflict breaks out from time to time in most online communities, but we’re fortunate to have far less of the ‘sniping and griping’ common to other forums.   

Regarding moderation, we take a ‘reactive’ approach to this i.e. we investigate any complaint reports we receive, and remove any posts that contravene our forum code of conduct, which you can view here:

View the GW forum code of conduct

What we won’t do is stifle debate, or get involved in arguments on particular threads. You are all quite free to disagree with each other (it would, after all, be a rather bland forum if you didn’t), but we do request that you observe the following sections of our code of conduct:

Be friendly
In short: don’t say anything to forum users that you wouldn’t say to their face. Please avoid hateful speech, and don’t attack anybody on the basis of their race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, age or religion.

Be constructive
Robust debate is fine, but please tolerate opinions that differ from your own, and maintain a reasonable tone in your posts. Also, try to keep to the theme of any threads you enter, so the forum remains useful to everybody.

Regarding the sharing of links, either on threads or via private message, we’re very happy for you to do this. We do remove any ‘spam’ threads that we find, which are advertising products or services, but you’re free to share links about other websites, forums etc The internet is big enough for all of us, after all.

So, that just leaves me to say:

Don't let petty squabbles spoil the community that has developed here - please talk about plants and gardens instead, they're far more interesting. It’s a gardening forum, not a soap opera!

Thank you.

Daniel Haynes



Yes, Nutcutlet.  We are wonderful or, as Verdun has just reminded me, simply the best.

As I've just said to another poster, let's all link little fingers and pledge 'friends for ever', or until we fall out.