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Hello , sunny , dry , mild , no frost - Lincoln 

Dry and sunny.

Send us your sunshine!  Dull here, no wind, not freezing, just dull - I am hoping for a little sunshine later on. About 8 degrees.


No frost last night. Drizzle all day and breezy - around 6.5c at lunchtime. Now the sky is getting much darker, the rain heavier and the wind stronger. OH has been out and re-fleeced the fig tree cos I think we're in for a frost tonight. 



I came home early from work and it was already down to under 2 degrees at 4pm. Frost is forecast - it'll be a colder one than last night's. 

It's been a lovely sunny day though - pity I had to work 


Heavy frost overnight.  Sunshine all day but took ages to thaw.   4C for walkies this afternoon.

Cold but sunny , only a light frost - Lincoln 

Redditch, cold and sunny, hard frost.

Same here Logan. Ground is solid.


The ground at the front of the house was frozen hard this morning, and there was a lot of black ice on the roads and pavements - 'they' came out and salted our little cul de sac, which is unheard of - probably because there's a footpath up the hill to the school and parents and children were sliding around this morning.

However, the temperature in the back garden didn't drop below +2C last night because it is sheltered by the big ash tree, and the fences of neighbouring gardens which run across the hill and prevent the cold air tumbling down the hill as it does at the front where it forms a frost pocket. 

The sun is shining now and the sky is blue - but I'm not going out to check the temperature 'cos OH has given me his lurgy

Oh no, not the dreaded lurgy - that is miserable for you Dove, and I hope you soon feel 100% again soon.

No frost here, a dull, but dry start to the day and now sunshine, no wind, just calm and lovely to be able to go outside without gloves, hat etc. In fact I haven't needed to wear any gloves so far this winter......

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Just hot back from shopping and it is blooming freezing 0 degrees 


It's been a lovely day here in Cheshire with all the countryside frosted and glistening. I had to make a hole in the ice on the pond to help keep the fish and hibernating frogs alive. I don't expect you have frosts where you are Guernsey, my friend in Cornwall quite misses the Northern frosts! Get well soon Dove.


Not half as good as yesterday. The time yesterday the sun was shining gloriously. Today, it is a bit shy...  Very cold..



Cheers GD  , Day Daisy and everyone   Lurgy still here but I'm surviving

Another sharp frost here today - roofs, grass and cars white and I expect to hear the sound of next door's windscreen being scraped very soon.

There's white frost in the back garden and the bird bath was iced over, but the thermometer on the sheltered back wall only shows 2.3C overnight.  I'm wondering whether I should move it more into the centre of the garden ... but how to keep it out of the sun?  I shall have to have a think  

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Brilliant sun just creeping up over the trees on the horizon.  Beautiful frost everywhere.  -2C on the back wall.


Brass monkey weather here, -4 when I left for work this morning.

Heavy frost , Brass monkey weather as well -Lincoln 

Coldest night of the winter so far here -6C, Fish in the pond are ok as they have the pond heater on!

Beautiful frost on the trees and shrubs. Mountains are looking good but need some snow.