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Shrinking Violet

Happy Birthday FloBear

(I hope this smiley is a party hat, and not someone poking their tongue out LOL.  Oh, the smilies on the Beeb board could sometimes be a bit more user-friendly).

Have a good one anyway!


Dry but still chilly here in South Devon. Got very near freezing last night too, but all OK as snugged up under fleece. Getting a bit tedious isn't it?


Thank you SV. Love the party hat :- )

The sun's back though it's windier than I would like.

Been a lovely afternoon in the Chilterns and got quite a lot done today. Tomorrow all being well, will start moving stuff out of the greenhouse and up to the allotment - it will have to, with the help of loads of fleece, take its chances! "Rain,rain,go away"etc!

How to make your self sick in one easy step,  get last years diary out and check how the weather was doing,  I did that Tuesday night only to fine that here in my back garden I had temperatures in the high teen low 20s,  have been lucky if has got to 14c at least last year it was dry and no cold wind,  today it's raining mind that's the first time since Saturday,  wall to wall cloud and 12.8c,




Not too cold last night & it was raining earlier in Manchester- am glad that I did cut the lawn yesterday.

It's tried to brighten up recently, but only about 12C out there. J.

It was sunny for a while here on Teesside then I crossed the river to "Rains" side, should have known better.
The rest of the day has been the odd rain shower but not too cold at least the lawn got cut and trimmed.
Bitter cold last night here too Jo my thermometer is broken so a trip to the GC needed.


Nights here are certainly getting warmer. It's been mild here today with little rain.

Know what you mean about the weather this time last year Rain, I didn't keep a diary but could have sworn it was warmer and most things were planted out by now.

Is it my imagination or have all my postings been removed from the weather thread! 


The North Wind Doth Blow,  well you know the rest ! it's absolutely baltic outside the wind cuts right through,  the skies are black and full of something and it's not looking good for the weekend either,  think I shall hibernate for a few months,  we seem to have gone from Winter to Autumn in one fell swoop,  the only reason I know it's Summer is the fact that the birds are feeding like crazy so they can feed their young,  it's a tropical 10.6c in the garden no wonder 99% of my seeds have failed.

Shrinking Violet

Grey and cloudy but warmer.  Well, I exaggerate - what I mean is it's less cold

Looks gloomy for the weekend, but could be brighter on Monday - fingers crossed 'cos that's when the Olympic torch comes through our village.  We are bedecked in bunting, flags and finery - just soooo hope it doesn't rain on our parade!

Singing in the rain!! well not much else you can do. It has rained on and off since I got out of bed early what happened to that sun tan I got in March I ask.
Still the lawn is cut and trimmed, late yesterday, just missed the green waste though.
Come on Teesside we can do better than this?


We've had rain and it's been cloudy all day. Hope the weekend picks up.

Shrinking Violet

David  !

Could do with some real sun - anything but this grey, grey, grey. 

(btw my SPs are doing well - they seem to like this weather, are putting on growth and look pretty healthy.  Whether or not this will compromise the flowering - who knows?)

[Except you, of course, master of the SPs that you are )

Alina W

Damp and overcast here in North Yorks, and supposed to be the same over the weekend.

Supposed to brighten up next week, though

Shrinking Violet

Don't want to take over the weather thread - but David it gives me heart!  If my plants are lots of healthy (I hope) growth and leaves, but no real sign of flowers yet, it gives me perverse hope that experts are also struggling. 

Dunno what the weather will be over the next couple of weeks - but those who, at Chelsea, anticipated near-drought conditions, may wish they had opted for slightly different planting schemes!



I do hope that David is right my joints (bones) are aching like crazy for some heat,  it's cold and wet outside 7.2c in the garden,  went to post a letter and by the time I got back I was frozen,  need to put big winter coat on when I go out its stupid at this time of year.

Alina W

Rained heavily overnight so everywhere is soaked - now just cool and overcast. But we are supposed to reach the dizzy heights of 20C on Tuesday on current predictions