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Shrinking Violet

Sunshine and clouds - and it looks as if the sun will win the battle today.  At least it's dry, although quite a bit cooler.  I felt sorry for everyone watching the pageant in London yesterday - we had a bit of rain late afternoon, but nothing like the soaking in the capital.



bit of blue, mostly cloudy, a cool wind.


The drizzle turned into heavy rain and didn't stop for well over 24h (finally stopped early hours this morning), but I got the shed tidied, tied the toms to their canes in the GH and removed all the sideshoots (where do they all come from - only checked a couple of days ago!)  Just checked my weather station and had nearly an inch of rain in the last 36h, so at least the water butts are all full.  Spent some time watching the birds at my feeders yesterday - they didn't seem bothered at all by the rain and were visiting just as regularly - I suspect busy feeding their young.  Need to go out and buy more seed now!

Alina W

It was pretty wet for us yesterday, too, but has been reasonably bright and dry so far today, which makes a nice change.

Now, will it last long enough for me to move a few plants around and plant others?


Bit shivery yesterday shimmying on the Quomps. Bloomin' taters today when the wind gets up. Off to village fete in a bit, hope it doesn't rain on my straw hat.



 Windy and wet in Kent, garden is taking a bashing, poppies are flopping, roses are shedding petals, foxgloves are drunk and disorderly and my mature Eryngium is sagging over the gravel when I've already staked its backside



Raining here in Canada again--I've even got the fire on. Discovered a slew of tent caterpillars on the witch hazel during bug patrol this morning, but I think I got them all. My neighbor's fruit trees are decimated.


Wall to wall sunshine today only got to 14.1c in the garden and a cooling breeze,  lashed it down through the night for about half hour,  it's strange how things seem to put on such rapid growth after rain then sunshine.

It was hot and sunny here today,  so pleased it was dry in the capital this evening. Loved the concert, Madness were brill - in our house- had to be a master piece.

Dry but not unbroken sunshine here in South Devon. The whole small town/ large village gathered on the green for BBQ, fireworks and beacon lighting. Great fun. Managed to cut aquilegias back to ground zero before festivities.

Today is bright and blustery in Kent, with heavy cloud.


Southampton-cool again and its gonna rain


Cool here too and useless light spitty rain.


cool and greyish now, was sunny earlier on but the clouds have built up steadily since.  Not actually raining tho' for which I am thankful.  Did alot of weeding yesterday as the ground was so wet, they came out much more easily than usual.  

Shrinking Violet

It's chucking it down.  And the rain is moving east, so we'll share this cold, wet misery with as many of you as we can



Raining properly now. I can hear the weeds singing for joy ;- )

Hey, guess what guys and gals......It's raining here in Tiverton as well. My fault, I took the electric blanket off again. Did it once before in May, and had to put it back on. Sun shone. Took it off rain and cold! It'll go back on again soon, honest kids and we''ll get the sun back. Thank God I bullied my husband into planting his planters Sunday. I was fed up with trying to keep his annuals alive in my plastic greenhouses, and seeing those slugs eating my hard work! Iam more into hardened perrenials and shrubs myself. Done veg years ago, haven't got the time or back to do them now.

Shrinking Violet  ahouse has come up for sale opposite me. We have a 100' garden at the back, their's may not be quite so long.


it was nice first thin gupto about 11am.. hasnt stopped raining since. and rather cold with it..