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Maud, I suppose it depends on which is you best side?? If they had given you some bare faced cheek you could have sacked them!!

Stockton partly cloud we are told, so where did the sunshine come from we have had right up until now 15:00 hours? One wash dry but the other wash I did not risk so is in the drying cupboard.
Out to lunch and now it is feet up until tea time, why? because I deserve it, the garden will be there tomorrow and does not need me as much as it did, things are going back and the last green-waste collection on Thursday so a couple of busy days coming up.



It was dry & reasonably bright first thing today, so got togged up in gardening clothes, put a foot outside back door & it THREW it down!

Now dry again, but increasingly windy. Have told OH that tomorrow am going to be outside practically all day!

IF no more rain today/tonight I hope to get a final lawn cut done late on tomorrow- but not holding my breath.

Frank our greenwaste collection continues fortnightly practically throughout the year now. We can put certain food waste into the same bin, so I suppose that's why. Ours due tomorrow, but they come before 8am usually so it doesnt give me time to fill it. Not worried as the majority of my garden waste gets composted & I emptied those recently. J.


Hi everyone. Nr Lincoln.

A mixed weather bag today, some sun, some cloud and a light shower, but fairly mild.

Greenhouse cleaning completed by OH so just new insulation to put up, then plants back. No rest for the wicked they say.



I knew it! It's just chucked it down again. Oh well the lawn may finally get done sometime..........J.

After our cloudy interlude at three the sun came out and as I put the car up the drive the sun in the west was blinding me.
You sound a lot more chipper now Joe in your self, the lawn will get done it is slowing down now.



Here in the NW we had blue sky for a while

I've a couple of 'jobs to do' lists for tomorrow - one indoors, the other outdoor. The lawn was cut last weekend, just wondering if it's too late for an autumn feed. My lawn get's dandelions in it, even after a re-turf several years ago they still come up but aren't noticeable when the grass is kept short. Going into autumn it's also a few feet it didn't shrink with all the rain...I made a new border and planted some evergreen shrubs along the fence, they've liked the rain. 

Caz W

According to the Met Office tomorrow looks good for gardeners everywhere   Better get the shopping done early tomorrow morning ...


Most places dry and bright with good sunny spells. Showers in the north will gradually ease. A chilly evening in the south, but rain arriving in the northwest.

Sunny Worthing is living up to its name today. Off out for lunch and shopping but hopefully i can get back in time to finish what i started yesterday in the garden when rain stopped play. Havent heard what the forcast is for tomorrow has anyone else?

Maud, the box says tomorrow mixed although our lot last night said do not make any plans to picnic.
Stockton is sunny says the box and it is, blue sky all round, a golden glow over "Rains" hills and a nice day for planting bulbs. I need visit the GC but not on a Saturday it is a mad house and they are filling the places with "dare I say it" Christmas stuff (silent scream). Monday or Tuesday will do fine I will be able to move around looking. There are some bare patches in the garden after the last two weeks clean up, some new herbs to go in I took cuttings but plenty of bulbs in pots as well, I have given up on the forced bulbs although my old Amaryllis will be resurrected.


The Doctor

It's sunny here in St Austell, it was 9c at 08:30 and it's now only up to 13.7c, the Summer has definitely gone and Autumn has come out to play.

The potty gardener

Beautiful day here on the south coast today. Last of the summer sunshine brought out my Lampranthus and Delosperma





Nr Lincoln.

Nice day here today some sun with a bit of cloud, has look as though it might rain at times, but it has passed.

Hoping for a nice day tomorrow, as we are  to RAF Coningsby. It's the Lincolnshire Lancaster Ass. open day for members. The Battle of Britain Memorial flight takes to the sky, Lancaster, several Spitfires, Hurricanes and the Dakota. They only fly if the weather permits, so fingers crossed. The Vulcan may also be there.

Lovely blooms Bev. sad to think things are soon to be over in the garden for another summer.


Lovely day here just outside Cambridge.  Warm too.  Spent three hours at the allotment having a tidy round and generally getting as much done as I could.  Spent the afternoon in the garden.  Great tidy up, some bulbs in and new plants all in ready for next year.  Grass scarified and cut.  Just need to set some seed on the patches and hope for a good lawn next year.  Hope weather holds up for tomorrow as I still have a few jobs which need doing in the front garden and the other half of allotment is still a bit of a mess.  Always so much to do!!!!!


Well it wasnt dry in Manchester all the time, so didnt get the final lawn cut done after all. Pretty windy as well. Wore lots of layers so didnt notice the chill.

Quick shopping trip early on, then outside. Got lots of things done, still loads to do, but at least feel as if getting somewhere now.

Tomorrow looks as if going to be a wash out, but possibly better Mon & Tues, so hope to try do the lawn on Tues. J.

Weather was as Caroline predicted here in this part of the NW. Bright and clear all day, the rain didn't arrive but it's gone a tab bit chilly and the heating went on yesterday.Nice pics Bev. There isn't a lot in flower in my garden at present. Dahlias are still flowering though along with one or two other plants.  

Spent a couple of hours in the garden planting out. I got some white strawberry plants in the ground just hope there's enough time for them to root before winter sets in, the pineberries sadly didn't get this far but there's always next year.    


Grey skies looking at me,
Nothing but grey skies can I see
Grey skies looking so dour
Anytime now due for a shower

Well may we ask what happened to the sun
Picnics and jollies time for some fun
Summer the time when we get some heat
The hot spot today is cooking the meat

Repeat Verse in key of C, or if on the Church organ put the locks in for Thunder, you will not need the Celeste stop.

They should write a song about it???

Beef today Aberdeen Angus, it had a long walk.



Frank, what about the 32 foot bombarde? My late father-in-law's favourite ;- )


Wettish & windy here in Manchester today.

Slight crisis here as the back boiler pilot light went out last night, so no heating. Noway can we relight the darn thing. We do still have gas, phew, so cooking will be ok & fire in lounge on! Thank goodness we also have an electric water heater, it's just a case of remembering to turn it on/off.

Somehow I suspect my plans for this next week are just about to be altered...... J.

FloBear, having never played on the Albert Hall or ST Paul's organ I would not know although there is a 16 foot and an even smaller one, too loud too long,
Played a two manual pipe organ that had to be pumped by hand, the local Church is a four manual and my own electric, you just press buttons.
Jo, sounds much like a gas valve failure to me, get OH to give it a bang with something see if he can bump it free, (the silver cylinder on the control box).

Better go turn the roasties, they are in with an onion and clove of garlic to make the gravy.


It's dismal and wet in Blackpool too!