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Hello all,


Does anyone know where Monty Don got the fire pit from in the new meadow garden on the tv progamme?

Been after one for a year now.


Try or dunelm mill or your local garden centre.


Yes fidget i've seen similar in my local garden centre

What is the name of the fire pit.  I cant find it anywhere


If you google "firepit"it brings up lots of versions on amazon, tesco, etc.

Then its a case of you pays your money and take your pick.

I think the answer is we don't know what brand Monty Don has, but there are lots of similar versions.


star gaze lily

We bought a really nice one last year from Marks and Spencers. May be a bit early for them at the mo tho. Sainsburys Homesbase do them too, so does our local GCs. Happy hunting.

Steve the Gardening Vet

Be careful with them though, I've been looking at them on and off for a year or two and the quality is amazingly variable from thick and expensive to cheap and made of tinfoil!


you can make your own quite and can get amazing ones for a few hundred quid.


goole fire pit and select images.

Thomas Wilkinson2

I've seen them in home and bargain going relatively cheap, probably like the tinfoil ones mentioned above though...

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