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I've just built a 6ft x 12ft raised bed at our Scout Hut and I wondered if anyone has any creative ideas to really get the kids interested in gardening. The age ranges are Beavers (6-8), Cubs (8-10.5) and Scouts (10.5-14) and the site gets sun from mid-morning through to the evening, gets a bit windy at times, has plenty of rabbits to contend with and I wouldn't rule out a bit of occasional vandalism so avoiding things that would attract attention such as tall sunflowers or large pumpkins. For example the younger ones might like 'the enormous turnip' or growing their own bread as in 'the little red hen'. Any other good ideas?

Get them to plant seeds. It doesnt really matter what they are, food items are a good start, simple easy flowers. The most important thing is to ask them what they would like to grow.

You could try some simple bulbs now daffs , crocus etc.

Your bed sounds fine, some chicken wire 3ft high and buried 1ft down will deter rabbits from burrowing in.

You;ll bore some kids with it, but others you may hook for life.

Best of luck.


Contact your local Allotment Associations and see if they will put ona guided tour of their site

My local one in Bristol is very accomodating and has open days for people with social problems to come and " garden "

Please remember allotments are potentially dangerous places with sticks sticking up and ponds etc

Good luck Martin

Dib Dib or Dig Dig........sorry....could not resist

I got my kids some oilskins and gloves to wear while gardening, it helps get them excited to go outside because they have special clothes to wear, just like me! Here's where I get various odds and sods for my and the children -

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