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Am thinking of buying a jet washer to wash slippery paths and driveway.  Has anyone any experience or advice on the best make etc. 






Mine is a Kärcher - they have an excellent range and sometimes are on offer.


Karcher here too.


Karcher here too. We have an attachment specifically for doing driveways / patios which is fantastic as it stops the water spraying all up the wall. My partner did the driveway a few months ago and the grass to the right of it was still dry. There's still some run off naturally but nothing like if you used the plain end nozzle which tends to leave water stains up the walls / shed.

We like it that much that we've brought one for a relative for their birthday!

Watch out for them on sale at B&Q (especially if you've a friend who has an over 60s discount card).


OH bought one of those attachments for us too.  Very pleased with himself for getting it a good reduced price - except our terrace and front paths are old granite setts so not flat enough.   Doh!



Thanks everyone.  As you all seem happy with Karcher will do a bit of research to see which one will suit.  Hubby has B&Q card so  might be worth a look there.  Am fed up scrubbing paths with yard broom its HARD WORK!!

Thanks again.  Have a good afternoon.


Just dont buy it off the ideal home shopping channel on the tv- my dad had a bad experience- took months to sort out.

You will probably get a good offer in the January sales at the DIY warehouses or halfords.


I have a Nilfisk, I too looked at all the reviews online and decided on this rather than a Karcher.  One of the common pieces of feedback is that the Nilfisk has better build quality.  

I have cleaned my patio, woodwork and car and have been very happy with it.

Another satisfied Karcher owner here.  The drive / patio attachment is called the T racer - no idea why, but it certainly works.


We have Nilfisk, but only used once, bought larger motor model than we planned to so we don't have to stop and give it a rest. Do check running time on whichever you buy.


We also have a Karcher,very pleased with it,a word of caution though,OH tried to clean green moss off of old garden bench,it took it off,but also removed the varnish !



Make sure you drain all the water out of the system when you finish as in cold weather it expands with cold and can freeze - damaging the machine. This apparently is one of the commonest problems with jet washers as the machine then leaks and pressure is lost other half has done this!


Hello everybody.  Am making list of comments.  Its nice to get so much info.  Have looked at some models and they can be quite expensive so don't want to make a mistake buying the wrong product.  Many thanks.



You can join 'Which' for £1 for a month and read their reviews.



GillyL wrote (see)

We also have a Karcher,very pleased with it,a word of caution though,OH tried to clean green moss off of old garden bench,it took it off,but also removed the varnish !


There are two similar attachments for the Kärcher (both extend the 'gun' bit into a sort of 'rifle') that should not be mixed up:

One of them delivers a very focused jet that will strip paint, varnish etc.

Don't use it to wash your car!

The other spreads the jet more, but is still very powerful and wrongly used could still do damage, but if used at the correct distance will remove dirt, moss etc without taking off the varnish or paint underneath. It is safest used at a glancing angle to sort of 'cut under' the grime rather than hit it full on.

i would imagine butterflybrain that drives and pathways are strong enough to withstand the strong focused jet - varnished wood and car paint are definitely not! 

Hope that helps. 

Drives will certainly be strong enough to withstand a jetwash but take care with block paving as the jet wash can blast the sand out from the joints.



KT53 Is right about the risk of washing out the joints.

If the joints have filled up with weeds, though, which is also quite common, sand is going to be lost anyway getting the weeds out by any means.

Silver sand can be replaced if lost from the joints but, admittedly, this is best done in dry weather because it needs to be swept over and into the joints.

If it is just moss, grime and slime on the surface that you need to get rid of I think this is where the 'T-Racer' comes in because it performs broad stroke scrubbing rather than a focused jet stream.(see Clarington above)

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