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Someone has asked me about the potting compost used by Monty. It is supposed to contain some microbe which helps roots grow. Now, I never watch Gardener's World so I cannot help. Does anyone know what this is?

Do you mean the mycorrhizal fungi? You can catch the last episode on iPlayer, it starts just before 40 minutes in then Monty uses on 44+


Thanks. Cannot abide the man so I will not be watching it, but am grateful.

For the sake of balance Monty is great 

more than a few will miss him over the winter. 


Don't want to tilt the balance, but I'm with Verd  


I like Monty, but find the programme could benefit from a more ordinary garden approach rather than the estates with a thousand acres


I agree with that Alan - there are often TV programs about lovely gardens.

Gardeners World should focus on the stuff that most of us folk here discuss and Monty (in my opinion) is a very good host, has a vast understanding of the subject and he usually explains things well.
So more stuff for us real people please


I swing on Berghill's side of the pendulum, finding Monty mostly irritating in his mannerisms and projects but not quite unbearable.  There's enough good stuff elsewhere in the programme now but I do watch recordings so I can FF.

The fungae weren't actually in the compost but scattered on the roots at planting time.  

There was an interesting item on the stuff growing naturally in woodland on Countryfile and, apparently, plantain weed roots are also full of it so the scientific chappy's advice was to dig some up with its roots and a good lump of soil which you then cut into chunks and mix into your compost where, with luck, it will grow in symbiosis with your plants.  Especially good for strawberries apparently so i'll be digging some up to try it on my 30 new plants which have to go into troughs while waiting for a bed.


I'm with Berghill and Obelixx. The very personification of pretentious affectation. ( and often gives his opinions , as if they are incontrivetible facts.)


I enjoy Monty. But I do think sometimes that what they need is a little garden in Yorkshire in the shadows of the slag heap and previously owned by a builder who liked to bury his rubbish rather than recycle.

Hi Clarington,

I don't particularly want to dig up the past, but GW did have a phase of growing in window-boxes and buckets a few years ago and it caused an uncivil war here and elsewhere because a lot of people found it dreadfully boring and bitty.

There's an interesting article (at least I found it interesting) by Monty in the new GW magazine.  I don't have any problem with him on GW but, to me he does come across as a bit pretentious on some of the other garden programmes he's done.  I bit 'brown nose' too, in the way he heaps praise on some of the owners of large gardens.

It is so sad that an individual like Monty can be so regularly criticised.  Yep!  He is on the telly;  ok he put himself there.  How many of us could maintain our confidence and composure in the face of such persistent routine attacks? Surely enough is enough.   Whatever happened to the notion that we gardeners are a happy tolerant bunch? 

Just consider.....some demand an hour prog, some prefer the half hour, some don't like the dog moments, some don't like his "style", he is "pretentious" ,  the wheel barrow moments, the weather feature ( 5 minutes??), some pry into his private life, some comment he looks ill, etc., etc.,  one recent comment "can't stand the man".....WHAT?   Let's have a new target....the newsreaders perhaps 

We have had hour long garden progs recently...what many of us ASKED for....and clearly Monty has tried to satisfy us as best he can

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I like the way he writes, just not so keen on his presenting style.



I agree with Verdun. I find the programme, especially now it is 1 hour long, is varied and there are several presenters. I enjoy all of it, even the bits that don't concern my gardening style and tastes. Give the poor man a break everyone - he can't please all the people all the time! I think, on the whole, he does a good job.

Thanks Busy......


He really is a Marmite character isn't he?

I love Marmite.

I suspect anyone who regularly appears on television has to develop a thick skin and avoid reading internet chat forums (fora?) like this. It seems to be part of the nature of the internet that people will say things online they would never say to someone's face.


Any gardening program on the TV is good news regardless of presenter. It is because we are all so passionate about the subject that we have strong views On it.