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Steve 309

What's the difference in use between the anvil and bypass types?


Bypass has two blades that pass each other like scissors.

Anvil  has a blade that cuts on to a hard surface, Like a knife on a board.

Steve 309

Yes - This much, I know.  But how do they differ in use?  When might one type be better than t'other?  Does one type wear better/last longer?


Hi Steve 309 after looking at the old ones iv still got, the By pass iv found lasted longer, iv just bought a good bypass one and definitely very happy with it so im sticking to them in future the old ones were 4 to 1 in favour of bypass ,mind you they were not as expensive as this new one iv bought. good luck  


The anvil type are supposed to be easier to use when cutting thick woody stems with less chance of splitting the stem but I never use my pair, preferring the bypass ones which can get into awkward areas more easily.  For thick woody stuff like buddleia, hawthorn and hazel, I have a pair of anvil loppers which are great.  As I'm certain you know already, the main thing is to keep them sharp, so worth checking that they can easily be dismantled as doing that makes sharpening them much easier.


Steve 309

Hmm yes - that sounds senstible. 

I ask because I accidentally walked off with her secateurs the other day and only discovered it when i was stopped at security prior to getting on Eurostar.  So I'm advising her on buying another pair (as a present from me!)

She does need loppers though, as her Buddleia is getting out of hand and is in danger of taking over the world.

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