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Steve 309

I'm at my OH's in N Belgium at the moment (same climate as S England).  Her hedge needs trimming/pruning and I shall have to do it.  It's partly holly and partly laurel, so pretty robust.  Is this a good time to start hacking it about?  And how often should I encourage her to do it?

What about rampant honeysuckle?


Not now Steve, not unless you're 100% certain there's no birds nesting in it! 


Steve 309

Oh - there aren't.  I was thinking more of the welfare of the trees!

The council here (she works for them) prohibits all tree/hedge cutting during April, May & June.  I'd've thought Feb, March and July ought to be added to that too!

But at home the other day I saw council workmen cutting roadside hedges


I agree, lots of nesting in Feb and March at least.

I think councils will cut hedges back in the nesting months if it's impacting on road safety, and if they're sure there's no nest in the hedge, but if nesting birds are disturbed they are breaking the law

I wouldn't cut your OH's hedge back until the autumn - laurel is best pruned with secateurs, cutting back individual shoots rather than with hedge clippers or shears, as these will cut through the large leaves which will look ugly, and then the edges will go brown and look even uglier. 

I'd cut a holly hedge back in December, and then utilise the clippings for Christmas decorations. 

Steve 309

OK - ta.  So not a few times during the year like privet etc. then.

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