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I had at least 5 honeybees on my pots of white crocus on tuesday when it was quite warm in the sun. I haven't seen any on the last two days when it has been cold and windy.

I saw a very large bee about a few days ago, not moving, in the shade. Having just read the bee article in this months Gardeners World magazine, I followed their advice and carefully moved it into the sun, (yes we did have some for a while). A while later the bee started to move and then flew away, which made me very happy!!

I saw several types of bees in my garden last week.They were on my heather plants,here on Merseyside.


Not a lot of action here but it's ben barely above freezing with a howling gale. 


Honey bee


solitary bee....?leafcutter bee


red tailed bumble bee queen


male white tailed bumble bee


tree bumble bee queen


buff tailed bumble bee (probably)


common carder bee


Any excuse to post bee pictures....sorry.




Lovely, just what I need to see, flowers, sunshine and bees


Just for a moment I thought that  all those  photos were of flowers in your garden now!!! 

Then I remembered - we haven't had spring yet 


sorry dearie....there is nothing that I like more in the summer than crawling about the flower beds taking photos of the little dears. They don't seem to mind...and I've been used more than once as a landing stage (they tickle).

I will restrain myself and not post any more from last year....cheered me up tho.

During a sunny 2 days a few weeks ago ,my rock crocuses were open & swarming with what I think were honey bees plus 1 white or buff-tailed bumble bee. The weather then turned cold again, the flowers remained closed & no bees since.

chilli lover

My OH keeps bees too so I am also an avid bee watcher. They've been out on days which were warm enough and I've seen them on mahonia, heather, crocus and pulmonaria. I did see an enormous bumble bee about 10 days ago - heard it'd buzz first - it too was on the mahonia (now fading fast). I tried to take a pic but it wasn't very good - will see if I still have it. Cheerypeabrain your pics are lovely - thank you!

Saw a large bee flew past the other day very lould of to find a plant

Saw a bee fly low over the lawn two days ago. Looked like a small bumble bee but wasn't close enough or quick enough to see. I'm in South Wales, not far from the sea. That was the first bee I've seen this year.


The sun was out all day here yesterday (Cambridge).  Bee's everywhere


My pulmonarias aren't out yet, so no bees on them 

I've been given a bee hotel for a very late Christmas present - where's the best place to put it?



Is it the kind that is full of holes/bamboo canes? If it's for solitary bees (leaf cutter bees etc) and mason bees then I'd say to pop it in a south facing position about a metre above the ground. Somewhere quiet and not too shaded by plants.

If it's the bumble bee nest type (basically a box with a tube leading into it and nesting material inside) then they need to be buried in the soil, or placed in long grass, under a hedge somewhere quiet where it won't be disturbed.




Thanks Cheery  It's the first type. The instructions that came with it are a bit vague and  certainly didn't say anything about height above the ground.  That's really helpful 

I've seen online how to make the nest type - don't really have anywhere suitable .... yet.

Hi there,

I was thrilled to see the pulmonarias in the garden alive with honey bees yesterday. It was beautifully sunny and we are very sheltered from the north and easterly winds which gives us a good microclimate here in West Midlands. There were also a few bumble bees around but not sure what type. It really felt as though Spring is in the air - at last

I'll have a go at taking pics next time to compare with those great photos from Cheerypeabrain above.



I saw quite a few a couple of days ago on the flowers of a garden centre in Necton, Norfolk, but not yet in my own garden... Sorry, just seen one out the front, getting very busy in the sunshine. That's promising!

Thanks for the great photo's Cheery!

If anyone is interested in identifying the bees they see, here are a few web links:

General Bee ID:


Solitary bees:

Honey bees: