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Wild about Flowers
Please could anyone tell me how long the following wildflower seeds take to germinate, as I'm new to all this and haven't a clue how long they will take! Many thanks! Foxgloves Oxeye Daisies Cowslips Cow Parsley Field Scabious

Most seeds take from 1 week to 1 month average germination time given the right condotions (it should say on the packet). I have bought a wildflower collection this year and on the packet it says that sow March to May - then again Aug to Oct, I assume this is due to the fact that some of them need sowing later in the year. It also says sow directly onto the prepared ground where they are to flower but I am woried about them getting eaten by slugs and snails before they get to any reasonable size.  

Gary Hobson
discodave wrote (see)

... I am woried about them getting eaten by slugs and snails before they get to any reasonable size.  

That's a very sensible point.

I prefer to sow into modules, so I that can see what's happening. It involves a little bit more work, planting out, but is a lot more reliable.

Another issue (that I've experienced) is that many wild flowers, planted in grass, are considered delicacies by deer. If there are deer in your vicinity then you may need to try to combat that problem too.


Thanks Lyon, I was considering planting them into modules to plant out when they get slightly bigger. Thats just made up my mind.. We dont have any issue with deer. 

Wild about Flowers
Many thanks to you both for your good advice. As this is a new venture
for me I'm really excited about it (and probably a little too impatient!!) We
don't have deer, but I'm hoping that the wildflower garden will be helpful to
bees, butterflies etc. once it gets going! Unfortunately the firm I bought the
seeds from sent them in plain packaging, so all the information I've been
able to find has been on the internet so far. I have since found that cow parsley
seeds take 8 to 10 weeks to germinate - so I have a long wait for those!!
I have sown the five varieties I mentioned in my first post in seed trays, as I
too was worried that something might eat them before they had chance to thrive!


Hi Wild about flowers....a little tip about the Cowslip seeds. They are part of the Primula family and need a period of coldness to break the seeds dormancy, therefore you should not be putting them anywhere that is heated. They are usually sown in the Autumn and left over Winter and should then germinate the following Spring. Not sure how cold your part of the world is at the moment but I would keep them cold for the next 4 weeks approx. I have left seeds out in the coldest of Winters and they have still germinated. Hope that helps.


Man of Kent's point may apply to cow parsley as well. A lot of that family need a chill.

Wild about Flowers
Many thanks Man of Ken and Nutcutlet. I really appreciate your advice and
am pleased to tell you that for the past two weeks I've had all my wildflower
seeds outdoors. We've just had, rain, rain and more rain here on the coast
in Dorset and I've been really worried my seeds would "drown". So I've been
leaving them exposed for about half and hour in the rain, then putting the
propogation lids on them so they don't get swamped. The only thing is, I
wonder whether, if and when we do get a frost, the propogation lids may give
them too much protection from the cold. What do you think? I have a feeling
that one of my oxeye daisies is just beginning to sprout today and I'm so
excited about that, as I really love these flowers - they're so pure and white and
bee friendly!
Good to hear from you - I'll keep you posted!

I don't think the lids will stop them getting cold. I put the seeds that needed chilling inside the cold greenhouse this year for an experiment. They're all germinating now. I've always left them out before, with grit on the top to stop washouts. But I'm glad they're in this year, I've never known rain like it. 


Hmmm - thanks for that tip about cowslip seeds. I guess if I sow them now it may be OK if I leave them outside somewhere. Am I right

Never grown wild flowers before. Also have harebells any hints?


I don't think harebells need a chill. 

If the cowslips don't germinate this spring they will next, just sow them. If you cover them with grit they won't get all that algae/liverwort (or whatever it is) growing on top if it takes a long time.

Wild about Flowers
Thanks Nucutlet I'll let you know what happens! More rain forecast here
for tomorrow - will it ever stop!!!

Yes, keep us informed. 

I ave always planted Red & White Champions /Jacobs Ladders / Oxe Eye Daisy /wild pansy /primroses & foxgloves from seed around Carnival season in south somerset( late oct/nov) , in modules or old polystyrene boxes cover with glass over winter outside , it works for me ! Been out today pricking out , potting on just got to keep the slugs at bay ,but I have for the first time in 3 yrs covered it grit , with a better success rate the downside my small lawn took a hit with the lovely rain we had here in , once sorted budget allowing the garden will look great again
Wild about Flowers
Hi Everyone,
Just to let you know that today I have just six tiny little oxeye daisy seedlings
popping up. I can't quite believe it - I've waited so long for them to germinate
I'd given up. Last weekend (to cheer myself up) I'm ashamed to say I went
and bought some oxeye daisy plants in pots from our local garden centre - they
are quite big and were already potbound so I've transferred them to an empty
tub I had in the garden and they're doing fine. Having six little oxeyes , do you
think some more may come up now, or do you think that will be the lot?



Great. I should think you'll get some  more yet.

Wild about Flowers
I shall be down looking at them through my magnifying glass tomorrow morning
at 7 a.m. Nutcutlet! It was at that time today I first spotted them and I swear
there wasn't a sign of them when I tucked them up in bed last night!! I'll let you know if and when I get significant others - 'til then, many thanks for your support.

The next ones will likely be there tomorrow. Bit cold at 7am, my check will be later. Retirement has its advantages

Wild about Flowers
Hi Nutcutlet - I'm retired too - just can't stop getting up early - old habits die hard
I guess!! I'm sorry to report that since my last post I still only have one
more oxeye daisy germinated so far, but as the weather has been mostly dull
and cold here on the south coast I expect that hasn't helped germination
even though they are indoors. The first six appeared after one of the few sunny
days we've had - I've put them on a south facing window sill in the hope it'll
encourage some more. The wildflower plants in pots I bought from the local
nursery are really growing huge and I wonder when it will be safe to put them into
the garden. I bought red clover, field scabious and (because I was fed up) two
oxeye daisy plants!! I've been putting them out in the daytime and bringing
them in at night, but don't know how long I should keep doing this before planting
them in my wildflower garden - your advice would be much appreciated.

Hello again

These are all hardy plants and don't need bringing inside unless they've got very softened up. The weather is mild at present. I'd put them outside and not bring them in again. If they were mine I'd plant them but I'm a risk taker, especially at this time of year. The chances of it being cold enough to kill a native plant in mid April are very small indeed.