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Can somebody confirm that I am OK to use slug pellots made out of Ferris Phosphate  in my garden which is frequented by hedgehogs?  I've been trying to use egg shells and keen eyesight to protect my hostas, however, I'm not winning.  I've found Natria Slug and Snail Control made by Bayer and it says its ideal for use when growing fruit and veg, so if its safe enough for us.....?


Tim Burr, If you kill all the slugs what will the hedgehogs find to eat?

One of the best methods of killing slugs is to go round with a torch after dark and cut them in half with scissors.  They will be cleared up by hedgehogs and birds by the morning.

Gary Hobson

Lupins are favourites of slugs.

I have some lupins in my graden which are in almost pristine condition. I do not use any form of artificial slug control:

There is a hedgehog in my garden which spends much of his time ferreting around these, and other, plants.

Just below are two still images, taken from a video I made yesterday morning, showing the hedgehog shiffing around the same lupins:

Just below is a 40-second clip of the video from which those 2 still images were taken. I took the video yesterday, at around 10am (you need to click on the link)....

My Hedgehog Video

Welshonion - I leave a tub of food out everynight, made up of mealworms, peanuts and a special organic hedgehog food I get from my garden centre. I leave it in a little hedgehog house to keep the rain (and the slugs) off. Its always gone by morning. I dont think my hedgehog likes slugs! Before I had the hedgehog house, the food would be atracked by slugs going after the mealworms. Hedgehogs were right put off by them slding over their food. And I understand slugs and snails arent good for hedgehogs as they carry lung worm.


Moonlit Hare

are they ok pinching the peanuts left out for the birds? Ours seems to have developed quite a taste for them

If you put peanuts out for hogs they need to be chopped up. They can stick to the roof of their mouths. I was very excited today as there were 3 lots of HH poo on the front lawn. HH can climb. A couplke of years ago I coundn't understand why there wasn't any poo around but the food had gone.I went to the shops & came through the gate,the top of the gate iw wide & the poo was on that.

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