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Just ordinary netting, anything to keep the leaves producing methane gas.

Hi peeps

A couple of days off and the dreaded bulb planting season (my poor back) still done now well until some more arrive next week.

In response to some members some more pics the first I took yesterday prior to the bulbs and a small wall build, luckily it wasnt too windy so the wall survived its first night without falling over.

Oh well pics wont upload






You've done well Alan. We had a waterfall like yours but we hid the pump lower down behind a little wall ( and surrounded it with plants) so only the outlet pipe was seen , then we placed a flat rock above the pipe so it looked as if the water was seeping from between 2 layers of rock.As the plants spread round the rocks it looked very natural, and it was magical to sit by the pond and hear that gentle tinkling of water. I'm sure yours will look better each year, as things start to grow. You've worked very hard.

again thanks and as mentioned first year with this set up so just a temp position for the filter box.. I am thinking of maybe hiding it with some giant ferns but will give it some thought with the help of you guys.

Am tryng you again with some more pics the first taken two days ago before the bulb planting session. Please dont destroy me over the rather stupid sweet pea attempt





Sweet peas look great, mine only had 1 or 2 shoots with flowers this year- much better last year.

Your garden looks really neat, nice arrangement of flowers in your hanging baskets.

I say ferns would camoflage nicely- you can buy all types of ferns black and lots of different greens.

Keep going with the good gardening.



hi alan what kind of pump and filter did you use

Hello ponddigger

Oasis Clear pond 50 uv paired with a blagdon fh10,000, th pump is too powerfull so I had to fit a y-junction to reduce the flow into the filter box as it overflowed with the amount of water being pumped into it.  The y-junction has an adjustable outlet so I can alter the flow going into the box with the remainder being pumped onto the surface of the pond helping keeping the water moving and the supply of oxygen


hi, alan.thanks for imfo.


hi alan here are some photos of my pond and stream,




great looking natural stone ponddigger, how long have you had the set up and do you have plans to introduce some plants I think it would look perfect after a few years


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