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How to make a Christmas star decoration

You will need

30cm floral foam posy pad (available from florists and florist suppliers)

Fishing line (available from fishing supplies shops or online retailers)

Holly with berries

Flowering ivy


Kitchen knife

Garden twine


Do it: December
Takes just: an hour


Holly and ivy have been used to make this traditional door wreath with a modern twist. Here, we’ve created a star-shaped decoration, but you could make any shape you like, such as a square, circle, heart or even a Christmas tree. The arrangement takes a little care to assemble - the key to success is creating a defined outline and keeping the shape in mind as you gradually build the wreath. Take time to step back and check the decoration from a distance every now and then, and substitute sprigs or trim to fit the shape, if necessary, making sure all the foam is covered.

How to do it

Cut the foam to size


Use a pencil to draw a template of a five-pointed star in the floral foam, and then use your knife to cut out the design. Soak the star in water for 30 minutes.

Tie garden twine around the centre of the star


Tie garden twine around the centre of the star to make a loop to hang it from. Hold the star up by the twine to check the angle the star will hang from, and rearrange if necessary.

Push the holly into the foam


Push the holly into the foam, taking care to maintain the shape of the star, as just one sprig in the wrong place will distort it.

Add ivy flowers at regular intervals


Add the ivy flowers at regular intervals. Tie a length of fishing line to the twine at the back to hang the decoration from your door.

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