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How to make a Christmas wreath from miscanthus

You will need

30cm floral foam letter 'O' (available from florists and florist suppliers)


Christmas tree sprigs

Rosehips on stems

Miscanthus grass flower heads


Do it: December
At its best: December
Takes just: an hour


Homemade Christmas decorations are just the thing for brightening up your home over the festive period. And making them couldn't be easier, with many of the plants you need readily available in your garden, or in hedgerows.

There’s an element of fun and excess about this contemporary door wreath, with the fluffy miscanthus flower heads adding a touch of a shabby chic. Precision is the key to success, here – you must ensure all the sprigs are cut to a uniform length and positioned with care. Don't grow miscanthus? You could also try creating a Christmas rosehip decoration, holly and ivy star, or mistletoe and box Christmas ball.

Give your guests a warm welcome this year with a cheery Christmas wreath. Find out how, below.

How to do it

Make a hanging loop at the top of the floral foam letter


Make a hanging loop at the top of the O-shaped floral foam letter, using raffia. Tie it securely, then soak the foam in a bowl of water for 30 minutes.

Push the Christmas tree sprigs into the foam


Remove the lower needles from each Christmas tree sprig, then push the sprigs into the foam, completely covering the top.

Add rosehips to the inside of the foam frame


Insert the rosehip stems into the inside of the foam frame, so they are tightly packed inside the pine sprigs.

Insert the miscanthus stems around the outside of the letter


Cut the miscanthus stems to an even length and insert them around the outside of the foam frame. Check the finished display before hanging, ensuring that the foam is fully covered.

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