Pyracantha, crab apple and ivy wreath

Five of the best Christmas wreaths

Take your pick from five beautiful Christmas wreaths to make, using plants from your garden or local hedgerow.

A festive wreath gives a warm welcome for guests at Christmas, and you should be able to find most of the materials you need in your garden, or foraged from local hedgerows. Evergreens such as ivy and yew provide the base, which you can then build on using berries, hips and crab apples, or seedheads and flowerheads. You can keep it natural, or embellish your wreath with spray paint or Christmas decorations.

If you've never made a Christmas wreath before, our detailed No Fuss guide gives detailed instructions to creating a Christmas wreath.

Take your pick from five beautiful ideas for Christmas wreaths, whatever your taste, below.


Wildlife-friendly wreath

This simple design is made using dogwood stems and long-lasting rosehips, which birds love - you could use other berries such as pyracantha, too. Hang it where you can easily view visiting birds. Discover how to make our wildlife-friendly wreath.

Pryracantha, crab apple and ivy Christmas wreath

This wreath uses lots of winter evergreens such as ivy, along with pyracantha and crab apples. Crab apples come in a range of colours and sizes - the red fruits of Malus 'Evereste' would look great, too. Discover how to make this pyracantha, crab apple and ivy wreath.

Miscanthus Christmas wreath

Impress your neighbours with this contemporary door wreath that uses fluffy miscanthus flower heads to dramatic and unusual effect. Find out how to make this beautiful miscanthus wreath.

Mistletoe and teasel Christmas wreath

Mistletoe can be found growing wild, but is sold at florists and markets during the Christmas season. Nature can provide lots of colour at this time of year, but reach for the spray can for a helping hand - we used a blue acrylic paint. Find out how to make this mistletoe and teasel wreath.

Contemporary Christmas wreath

This contemporary wreath uses birch, pine and old man’s beard (Clematis vitalba) and is finished with traditional Christmas decorations.


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