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Well onto my next project which consists of 130 rocks.

Yes i am doing a rockery.

anyone got any suggestions on what plants would look good.

I want plants with height and plants for ground cover.

anyone got any pictures of a rockery garden.

area is semi shade and i am going to add loads of compost to lighten the soil.

This is my second project i have done and still have about 5 to do.

My first one was my grasses and would like to thank everyone who gave advice on the thread.

The area for my rockery measures 10 foot by 10 foot.

Hiya dannyboy

Another project.  The important thing, I think, is to get the rocks looking right.  I mean that they should be of the same material and not just random rocks.  Ideally 

How high will the rockery be?  Do you intend it to be flat or ascending?

How much sun?  Most rockery plants need some direct sun.



Thanks verdun.

I received the rocks off a friend and yes the rocks are all the same.

I know the semi shade will be a problem so carefull planting will be done.

The area of the garden has no edging so most of the rocks will be used to make a border around the area.

I will also be putting down gravel.the membrane is already down,done that this morning.

The area for my rockery is in two parts one measures 10 foot by 10 foot and the other is only 18 inches wide but 13 foot long,this area will be used for height with plants growing down to the large rockery.

hope it works out but may change it before i finish it.


Creating a convincing rockery is more complicated than it may seem at first.  It is all too easy to end up with something that looks a bit like a steamed pudding with raisins scattered over it.  And with the greatest of respect,  I'm afraid that if you use  '.... most of the rocks to make a border around the area' then what you will have is a flower bed with stones around the edge and not a rockery. 

A rockery is a replica of a natural outcrop of rock, recreated in your garden.  This may help a little  and there's some lovely pictures of rockeries here to give you some ideas of the possibilities

Use Google and you'll find lots more images to fuel your imagination.

Good luck 


Dove, I love the 'spotted dick' comment



I read a similar description somewhere years ago - could've been Geoff Hamilton - it stuck with me.

Have you checked your PMs lately?

Dannyboy, try to use those rocks imaginatively. An edging of them won't look right.  Maybe think of them as a rock fall.....viz., more near the top and to one side and trailing off to just a few on the other. The rocks, if skilfully arranged, should look good in their own right.  With the gravel it could look very nice.

Maybe a ribbon of identical plants, maybe a grass (like Imperata red baron) to simulate water trickling down...?  

Could you post a photo or a sketch of what you want to do?  


thanks for your comments.

what i meant to say was, i will be using the smaller rocks around the edge.

I do have larger rocks which are about 25kg each.which would be used as a feature.

i have looked on the internet at pictures of rockerys and found some which look good and i am going to try to copy.

thanks again for all your comments.

thanks for that link dovefromabove it brings a new meaning to a rockery for me.


Danny, this book is available on Amazon for £1.18 - it's one of the late great Geoff Hamilton's Penny Pincher series, and I'm sure that you'll find it full of useful ideas and


 I'm sure it would be a good investment. 

Thanks just ordered it.



Dannyboy - I've just watched Great British Garden Revival - this evening's programme was all about rockeries - I hope you've seen it or can watch it on iPlayer or something - you'd love it 

Snap! Worth a look.

Keyser Soze

I remember Geoff Hamilton (or was it Alan Titchmarsh) describing a badly laid out rockery as resembling "currents on a cake"!

I'm no expert but my Dad was a professional gardener and he always told me  to get the rock strata or "grain" of the rocks lined up so it flows.

Rocks must be predominantly buried or appear to be buried for a natural look.

Any gravel used must be from the same type of rock.

Hope this helps.

Thanks dovefromabove,

I received the book and watched the programme.

Need to rethink on what I am going to use the rocks for.

Once again thanks.



Hi Dannyboy

I have built a reasonably large rockery recently and have also extended it and added other features since the initial build. Apologies that there are so many pictures here but you did ask for pictures and I do hope that they may be of some use, even if to only highlight the terrific amount of hard work involved!!

From the start of my build...












As well as your conventional rockery you could think about building other garden features using stone such as an old stone bridge for example..




 Apologies but I did warn that there were a lot of pictures!

This is a cut and paste from another forum that I posted only this week and it may be of use? If not and I'm telling you how to suck eggs I apologise in advance...

"Rockeries are a great feature if a little out of fashion but they give a good opportunity to grow lots of different plants many of which can be good for wildlife. The holes and crevices in the rocks makes great hiding places for many animals, amphibians and insects also so I love them and built one myself fairly recently

There are a few tips worth considering when building a rockery such as...

Think carefully how the rocks should lay. Sounds easy but if you look at rocks in nature they don't all lie the same way, some will be horizontal where others will lay at a slightly different angle. Sometimes you get outcrops of a few rocks the maybe a single bigger rock for example.

It actually takes a long time with lots of putting rocks down and the gradually adjusting the position until it looks natural or even replacing it with a smaller or bigger rock or even a different shaped rock!

I know this sounds weird but it is true and you will find this out when you attempt it but it is quite satisfying when you find the right position for a certain rock especially if it's the sixth rock that you have tried in that position!! LOL

Before you build it look at other rock gardens and see what looks right and what doesn't work and why. You then need to look at natural rock formations before transferring all this knowledge into your own rock garden!"

Hope this is of interest and helps a little



Very nice work higgy.  Impressive stuff.  Good advice too.  It all ties in beautifully.  As a rockery should be 


Thanks Verdun very kind of you to say so! I just hope that it is of some use to Dannyboy as it's always hard if you can't quite visualise what you want to do and seeing other people's work sometimes helps kick start an idea.

My problem is I see it too well and my head is permanently full of ideas for the next project!! LOL




I like the bridge higgy

Higgy....your head full of ideas?  Mine too.  Restless for change and ever improvement.