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10 lawn edging ideas to keep grass out

Keep lawns and flowerbeds in order with a border.

Keeping your lawn and the edges of your flower beds neat and orderly puts the finishing touch to a garden but it can be a tricky task. Fortunately, ready to go lawn edging is the solution. Used to define lawns, paths, driveways and borders it takes the stress out of maintaining a neat edge and comes in a range of designs and styles that can blend discreetly into the surroundings or make a statement and become a feature in its own right.


There are a number of materials and styles to choose from, so we’ve put together a selection of lawn edging ideas to help you choose. We’ve included everything from metal and brick-style lawn edging to eco-friendly and wooden lawn edging ideas.

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Once you’ve cut the grass and discovered your ideal lawn edging ideas, we’ve also got some inspiring garden seating ideas to help you relax after all that work.

10 lawn edging ideas


EcoBlok FlexiBorder Garden Edging

This EcoBlok border is just the thing for your brick lawn edging ideas, as the material is designed to look just like red brick or stone. Made from recycled rubber, it’s an environmentally friendly choice, plus it’s soft with rounded edges so it’s child friendly too. It can be cut to size and curved, up to 70 degrees, so it’s ideal for trimming around trees or  flower beds.

Price: £70.99 f0r 6 x 1m pack

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Eco Garden Roman Stone Recycled Garden Border Edging

If you’re looking for eco-friendly brick lawn edging ideas then this is for you. Made from recycled rubber it comes in lengths of 120cm and thanks to the installation spike is easy to install yourself. It can be cut to size and is flexible enough to bend around curved borders, paths and tree pits.

Price: £19.57 for 120 cm length

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Natural Lawn Edging Fence Border

A natural border, great for lawn edging ideas to keep grass out, this woven wicker edging is made from natural seagrass and more decorative than many other designs. Built-in spikes make it easy to secure in the ground.

Price: £7 for 93cm length

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Haven’t quite found what you’re looking for? Browse more eco-friendly lawn edging at Crocus, Primrose and Thompson & Morgan.


Rowlinson Easy Fix Spiked Border Roll

This simple wooden lawn edging is made from natural timber that’s been pressure treated for strength and to protect it against rot. The lawn edging is spiked, so it’s simple to install without the need for fixing pegs and it’s available with a flat finish or domed with a rounded top.

Price: £64.99 for pack of 4, 120cm length

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Tsugaru Picket Fence

This picket-fence style border is ideal for anyone looking for more traditional  wooden lawn edging ideas. Made from pine, the timber has been pressure treated to protect it against the elements and prevent wood rot and insect attack. For extra peace of mind it comes with a two year guarantee.

Price: £19.58 for 110cm length

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Blooma Pine Horizontal Log Edging

This wooden lawn edging is crafted from pine with three stacked, narrow logs for a contemporary look. It’s ideal for neat, straight edges and uses spikes to secure it to the ground. It comes with a two year guarantee.

Price: £14.30 for 100cm length

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Pack of 2 6m Lawn Edging Rolls

This edging is made from a wooden resin composite that is designed to look and feel like natural hardwood. Sleek and simple it’s resistant to fading, rotting and warping so it shouldn’t crack over time and the rolls are simply secured with pegs that are purchased separately.

Price: £48.99 for 2x 600cm length

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Need some more inspiration? Browse wooden lawn edging at Crocus, Primrose and Homebase.


Galvanised Lawn Edging

This lawn edging is made from galvanised steel, so it should be one of the more hard-wearing edging choices for your garden. It’s flexible, so it can curve around any shape and rustproof, so it’s maintenance-free and long lasting.

Price: £24.99 for 500cm length

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Blooma Steel Border Edging

Made from wound steel to create a classic loop design, this lawn edging from brand Blooma is ideal to define lawns and flower beds. Coated in green plastic for extra durability, it’s easy to install and the colour helps it to blend in with grass and leaves.

Price: £25.68 for 67cm length

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Multi-edge Metal Border Edging

Multi-edge Metal Border EdgingMade from 1.5mm thick corten steel this contemporary metal lawn edging is a stable, hard-wearing option. Installed without the need for pegs or bolts it’s easily disconnected and moved elsewhere for use again. It’s also recyclable.

Price: £95 for 10 x 100cm length

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Not what you were looking for? Browse more metal lawn edging at Crocus, Primrose and Homebase.


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