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A method of propagating fruit trees and a wide range of other plants, by taking a cutting of a variety with buds attached (scion) and joining it on to another related variety (stock). The tissues grow together and a single plant is formed, with the top growth of the scion on the base of the stock.


A short, underground stem with fleshy, modified leaves, used as a food storage organ by a dormant plant.


A small bulb that develops above ground from a bud. Bulbils may be formed on the stem of auxiliary buds or in place of flowers. They drop off the parent plant and develop into new individuals in a process of asexual reproduction and dispersal.


An immature or small bulb found at the base of a mature bulb that may be removed to propagate additional plants.


Appearing blistered or puckered.


1) A rough, prickly husk or covering that surrounds seeds or fruits.

2) A plant producing such husks.

31 to 36 of 36 glossary items