Want to have a go at growing vegetables, but think you don’t have space? Think again! We’ve put together some guides to the easiest vegetables to grow in pots. There are even crops you can grow on just a windowsill.


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Now is a great time to get started, sowing seeds and planting up plug plants. You can buy seeds and plants online. If you don’t have pots to grow in, and are struggling to get hold of them online, why not try repurposing something you have around the house – there are lots of containers that can be upcycled to make perfect pots for the garden.

Grow potatoes in a bag

Potatoes are top of the list of easy vegetables to grow, and if you don’t have space in the ground you can grow potatoes in bags or in a large container. Mid-spring is an ideal time to plant potatoes, and you can buy seed potatoes online. Follow Alan Titchmarsh’s guide to growing potatoes, so you can look forward to eating delicious home-grown spuds this summer. And discover which is the best compost for growing potatoes in a bag.

Grow tomatoes in a grow bag

Summer wouldn’t be complete, without the taste of juicy tomatoes. And the good news is they’re easy to grow in pots and growing bags, as long as you have a sunny spot. It’s a little late to sow tomato seeds now, but you can buy tomato plug plants online now, and pot them up. Then, after all risk of frost is past, you can plant them out into a growing bag or any large container you have.

Grow lettuce and salad leaves in a pot

If you only have space for a small pot or windowbox, there’s still plenty you can grow. You can grow lettuce and salad leaves in small, shallow pots, as they don’t need a deep root run. Sow seeds now and you can be harvesting fresh, baby salad leaves in just weeks – ideal if you’re impatient or gardening with kids. They’ll do best in a slightly shady spot.

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Grow carrots in a pot

Carrots need really free-draining soil, that’s free of stones. Growing carrots in a pot is an easy way to give them this. If you’re growing traditional, long carrots, then make sure you use a deep container. If you only have a shallow container or windowbox, you can still grow carrots – just choose a short variety, such as ‘Parmex’ or ‘Paris Market – Atlas’.

Grow mushrooms in a sack

Is there an area of your garden where nothing will grow? A gloomy spot, perhaps by the bins, or down the side of the shed. How about using it to grow your own mushrooms? They can be grown in a sack, tucked out of sight. You don’t even need sun! In this three-part series, Monty shows how to grow mushrooms in a sack.

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