Cool-themed Christmas wreath

How to make a cool-themed Christmas wreath

Dreaming of a white Christmas? Make your own with this chic wreath using foraged materials.

This silvery white wreath combines silvery green leaves and stems, with white flowers and berries, to give your front door a magical, ethereal feel. Forage in your garden or on country walks for as many of the above natural ingredients as possible, but if you can’t find them all then be creative with what you can find.


You Will Need

  • White heather flowering stems
  • Ash twigs
  • Eucalyptus stenms
  • Birch (Betula) bark
  • Cushion bush (Calocephalus brownii) stems
  • Prickly heath (Gaulteria mucronata) stems with berries
  • Old man's beard (Clematis vitalba) seedheads
  • Silver bush (Convolvulus cneorum) stems
  • Mistletoe stems with berries
  • Oak twigs
  • Pittosporum stems
  • Small can of hairpray
  • Flat wire wreath frame (30cm diameter)
  • Floristry wire or string
  • Florist 'stub wires'

Step 1

Fix alternate sprigs of pittosporum and eucalyptus to the wreath frame with binding wire. Face them in the same direction and overlap each sprig to cover the base of the previous one.

Fixing sprigs of pittosporum to the wreath frame
Fixing sprigs of pittosporum to the wreath frame

Step 2

Wrap stub wire around small clusters of all other materials. Leave the two ends of the wire sticking out, push them through the foliage-covered frame and twist at the back to make secure.

Wrapping wire around heather stems
Wrapping wire around heather stems

Step 3

Spray hairspray on the old man’s beard seedheads to stop them dropping. Wire spiral strips of birch bark to the wreath base. Twist a loop to the top of the frame to hang it up.

Spaying hairspray on clematis seedheads
Spaying hairspray on clematis seedheads