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Referring to a dense cluster, eg, of flowers.


A green or brown leaf-eating bug that feeds on the sap of young growth, causing damage to flowers and leaves. It commonly affects outdoor ornamental plants, such as caryopteris, chrysanthemum, clematis, dahlia, forsythia, fuchsia, hydrangea, magnolia, phygelius, rose and salvia.


A dry seed case that splits open when ripe to release seeds.

Catch crop

A fast-growing crop grown simultaneously with, or between, successive plantings of a main crop. This efficient use of growing space is known as succession planting.


The larval form of a Lepidopteran. They are voracious phytophagous feeders and considered a pest.


A usually dense, often drooping, cluster of reduced, stalkless, unisexual, apetalous flowers that can be found on willows, birches and oaks.


Refers to water collected and distributed via irrigation trenches located beneath the surface of garden beds.


The growth that results from grafting two unrelated tissues.


The process of encouraging seed potatoes to sprout roots by exposing them to sunlight before planting out.


The green pigment in plants that absorbs sunlight in the process of photosynthesis.

11 to 20 of 62 glossary items