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A traditional method of woodland management, by which young tree stems are cut down almost to the ground in order to encourage vigorous growth.


A heart-shaped leaf, attached to the stem or petiole in the cleft and broadly pointed.


A space-saving plant, usually a stone fruit, with its growth restricted to one unbranched stem, which my be trained vertically or at an angle.


Referring to leaves having a leathery appearance.


An underground storage organ comprising a short, swollen portion of stem protected by a layer of skin known as a tunic. Corms are planted like bulbs.


A ring or whorl of petals that are usually arranged this way to attract insects for pollination.


The trumpet-shaped central part of a daffodil, or other flowers that belong to the narcissus family.


A cluster of flowers in which the stalked blooms grow from a single axis, with the stalks graduating in size - progressively shorter from the base to the tip of the axis.


The seed or primary leaf found in the embryo. It may form the first photosynthetic organs or may remain below ground.


Referring to leaves with scalloped edges.

41 to 50 of 62 glossary items