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Damping down

Refers to the practice of spraying the floor of a greenhouse or polytunnel on hot mornings to increase humidity.

Damping off

The term used for fungal ailments, usually affecting seedlings, that cause the stem to rot off at soil level.


The practice of removing dead flowerheads in order to encourage more blooms.


Describes plants, principally trees and shrubs, that shed their leaves seasonally.


Reclining, or laying on the ground, but with tip ascending.


A term that refers to leaves whose base extends down the stem below the insertion.


The opening of an anther, fruit or sporangium at maturity to release its contents (pollen, seeds or spores).


A triangular leaf, attached to the stem or leaf stalk (petiole) on one side, rather than at a point. See Cuneate.


Referring to leaves whose edges are toothed.


Minutely dentate.

1 to 10 of 29 glossary items