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A small hand tool used for making holes in the ground to plant bulbs, seeds and plants.


The name for a group of flowering plants whose seed contains two embryonic leaves.


The term used to describe the dying of the outer parts of a plant, as a result of disease or climatic conditions.


Leaf divided into finger-like segments or lobes.


A plant that bears either male or female flowers, as opposed to both (see Monoecious). For purposes of fertilisation, a male plant will need to be set among a group of female plants.


Describes an organism with cells containing two homologous sets of chromosomes, ie, the full number for its species.

Disc floret

A flower in the central part of a cluster of blooms.


Describes leaves that are narrowly segmented.


Refers to the alternating leaf pattern of a plant, whereby successive leaves arise on opposite sides of the stem, resulting in two vertical rows of leaves.


The means by which herbaceous stock may be increased. For large plants, two forks are inserted back to back into the clump of roots and carefully prized apart to divide the rootstock. Smaller plants may be divided by hand or with a knife.

11 to 20 of 29 glossary items