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1) The condition of cells, buds, seeds, etc, in the period before growth begins.

2) A term used to describe a plant that fails to develop, in spite of favourable growing conditions.


1) Ridge shaped.

2) Refers to the upper or outer surface of an organ facing away from the axis.

Dot plant

A plant used to provide height and contrast in bedding schemes, usually among shorter varieties or ground cover plants. Plants often used include roses, dwarf trees and pelargoniums.


Flowers with many more than the normal complement of petals. Blooms with only slightly more than the single amount are termed semi-double. Fully double-flowers are sterile, as the stamens have been replaced by the extra petals.

Doubly serrate

Refers to serrated leaves whose primary serrations bear smaller, secondary teeth.


Refers to leaves that are covered in short, stiff hairs.


Describes plants grown in light-deficient or crowded environments, which have become tall and spindly, often losing their green colouring. Etiolated.


1) A narrow furrow in the soil for sowing seed.

2) A row of small plants resulting from sowing seeds in a furrow.


A fruit with a stone, which protects its seed and a fleshy layer within an outer skin, eg, peach, apricot.

21 to 29 of 29 glossary items