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Rust coloured.


Productive, having functional reproductive structures capable of bearing fruit.


An essential part of sexual reproduction, involving the fusion of haploid male and female gametes to create a diploid zygote, from which a new individual develops.


Any substance, organic or inorganic, used to increase soil nutrients. It can be straight, containing only one nutrient, such as nitrogen; or compound, containing more than one nutrient; or balanced, containing equal quantities of plant nutrients.


A thread-like part of the stamen, which supports the anther.


Of leaves and other organs - very long and thin, thread-like.


Fringed. Having fringed edges, as in a stigma. Fimbriate flowers have petals with divided or split edges.


1) General term for any disease or condition causing leaves to appear scorched.

2) Incurable fungal disease affecting tulips.

Fire blight

A notifiable bacterial disease of the rose family, although it may also affect apple and pear trees.


Leaf that is fan-shaped and semi-circular in outline.

11 to 20 of 37 glossary items