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Flea beetle

Of the leaf beetle family, flea beetles are small, jumping insects, which feed mainly on root vegetable crops and brassicas.


Pliable, bending in opposite directions, wavy.


Woolly, covered in soft hairs that may be easily rubbed off.


A term used to describe an extreme double flower.


To be flower bearing. It is sometimes misused to describe an abundance of flowers.


Also known as bloom or blossom, the flower is the reproductive structure of a plant, bearing the male and female organs. It's often brightly coloured to attract fertilising insects.


The artificial inducing of plant growth by the control of heat and light. In some cases light is increased to encourage early flowering, while in others, light is excluded to encourage earlier production and more tender growth.


The lowest subdivision of a species, ranking after variety. Often used to denote a trivial variation in a plant, eg, flower or leaf colour, size, etc.


Describes soil that's loose, crumbly and easily cultivable. Perfect for sowing and planting.


The insect that produces cuckoo spit.

21 to 30 of 37 glossary items